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Submission + - UK Thermal Imaging Van Pilot Seeks Extension (

Kamineko writes: From January 2009, vans equipped with thermal imaging capability have been touring Salford, UK, recording images of heat loss from residents' homes.

'Thousands of homes are to be surveyed with a heat-seeking camera to check how much energy they are wasting. The thermal imaging vans are part of a government-led initiative to help people insulate their homes and are funded by utility companies.'

Now, the initiative seeks to roll this project out over the entire country.

Does this affect any of you? Have any /. readers had their homes monitored by these vans? Were you asked first? Has anybody recieved any of the information recorded reported back to them, what format does it take and how can it help you?

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - What's On a Games Dev. University Placement Test?

Kamineko writes: "I'm currently taking a four year BSc (Honours) Comp-Sci degree at a university in the UK. For the third year, I'm required to do a year's industrial placement. By some bizarre fluke, I've been offered a junior programmer position at a well-known video game development studio.

If I do well on... The Test.

What kind of material will be on The Test? Are they going to ask me to apply De Morgan's Theorem over and over, or do I need to be able to explain the principles behind the PageRank eigenmatrix?

Slashdot, how should I prepare?"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Somewhere beyond Cassette 50: Gaming at its best!

Kamineko writes: "What happens when a group of people suddenly decide to (ab)use their game-making skills and create the most awful games known to mankind?

You get 'Somewhere beyond Cassette 50', an ongoing series bringing you a whole new unexplored world of PC gaming.

Pesonally, I like Line of Sight ; it's actually a pretty fun game, sadly.

Make sure to post your top scores for Hold Space in the Comments!"

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