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Comment Re:No, Aumented Reality is the next big thing. (Score 1) 114

AR is a massive privacy invasion waiting to happen.
VR isn't.

Oh yea, heaven forbid we gain AR and lose all of the privacy we currently have with the likes of Google and the NSA.

AR requires cameras in public places.
VR doesn't.

Nearly everywhere you go in public right now, you are on at least one camera if not ten. All of which are owned by other people than yourself.
One more camera of your own that isn't recording doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

AR pretends you can navigate in the real world while being distracted by a game.
VR doesn't.

That's about the only good point you've listed.

AR can be spoiled / interrupted by other people's pissing about in front of the idiot with the headset.
VR cannot.

Challenge accepted!

AR requires high-end computer vision, equipment and processing to operate properly.
VR doesn't.

Tell that to the VR headset makers that all want me to upgrade my video card or purchase a next gen console.

Comment Well, duh. (Score 1) 40

their house their rules.
If you want good feedback, look at the reviews on several different websites. Amazon, Newegg, whatever. community sites? Maybe some of the folks at videohelp can point you in the right direction--it's not about TVs, but I'm thinking some of them might know what a TV is.

Too much trouble?
Seriously--how long did it take you to earn the cost of that toy? Maybe spend 1% as much time researching how you're going to blow your money?

Still no guarantee but what do you expect when you go to the mfr's site?

Comment Re:Language creates strong AI (Score 1) 69

bleah. WTF. /.--you don't do unicode (yeah, yeah, I knew that; just forgot how hard you suck).
fine, weiji "opportunity" + "danger" = crisis.

kinda douchey to quote pop wisdom from the 90s now I look at it so maybe /. is onto something.
But still here I think it's appropriate. I guess it's better to be douchey and say what you mean than polite and meaningless.

Comment Language creates strong AI (Score 1) 69

That's how Turing tests (duck tests) work. If you can carry on a conversation with it and a human and you can't tell which is which...then you have AI.

Language encodes thought. From 1984's newspeak to fifty words (or whatever) for different kinds of snow, language defines how (if?) the language-user "thinks".

I find this development both exciting and frightening. The singularity will be . Don't know if this is it, but when it gets here it will be.

Comment Re:I feel sorry for you guys. No joke. (Score 1) 395

What are you doing about this? Personally, I mean. What are you thinking about doing?

Holding up silly signs and screaming into the void until you're hoarse accomplishes very little*, so I'm not participating in protests. In 2 from now years, I'll vote. In 4 years from now, I'll vote again. In the interim, when funds allow, I'll donate to causes I feel are threatened under a Trump adminstration. (LGBTQ equality, environmental conservation) Yes, it was a kick in the ass to see Trump win, but like the saying goes - what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

* Other than making lawyers rich. If the protest turns violent and you're mistakenly arrested, better hope you can afford the legal fees.

Comment Live by the letter of the law... (Score 1) 171

Die by the letter of the law.

"Oooh, I'm so clever--I've found a trick to get something for no (or damned near little) effort, while actually contributing NOTHING of value."
Fine. You better make *damned* sure you read *all* the rules.

These sorts of shenanigans are reserved for billionaires and large corporations.
Folks who can afford high priced lawyers and high priced congresscritters.
Not you.

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