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Comment After Trump won the election... (Score 1) 151

...I can honestly say I'm no longer surprised by stupid shit like this. All those YouTubers with "RIP headphone users" videos better watch out, because if some people don't know how to turn their fucking brightness down so their computer/phone doesn't give them a seizure, claims of hearing damage from excessive volume can't be far off.

I have no love whatsoever for Twitter trolls (and the thought of one being arrested by the FBI almost seems like karma), but the FBI should've told this fuckwit to turn his image autoloading off. It's kinda up there with "don't run random EXE files from porn sites", "don't click on links in spam", and "don't give your credit card/bank account info to Nigerian royalty."

Comment Re:waste of money (Score 1) 117

I guess you're too young to ever had played with an Intellivision controller. Your list would be quite different.

While that may or may not be true for the parent poster, the Intellivision was my first game console, and despite the fact its controller was likely the worst designed ever, that still doesn't change the fact nearly every other Nintendo designed controller is also very bad.

Comment Re:You don't need it in a browser. (Score 1) 207

Having it in a browser only "means" something if the DRM code is freely available, unpatented, and can be implemented by anyone.

Which is exactly what we are talking about, unlike the rest of your post.

Just like I can install a freely available and implementable by anyone SSH client, which does not include the key files to access your data, this very discussion is on freely available and implementable by anyone DRM encryption that similarly does not include the key files to access just anyone's media.

So unless your complaint is that OpenSSH is not open software due to not including a private key to access my servers, I fail to see why you would object like you are to open DRM standards that work the same way.

Again I refuse to run Flash in my browser due to the choices and desires of people like you, and will continue to refuse to do so.

Comment Re:Too good to be true. (Score 1) 203

True, but these guys are in Colorado. We get maybe a dozen cloudy or hazy days a year. And it's a semi-desert, no muggy days.

Yeah, it might not work so well in the Mississippi valley region.

OTOH, if they're shifting to a frequency of infrared not absorbed by H2O, it might not care about puny water vapour.

Comment The large print giveth... (Score 1) 172

Wife and I live in the boonies; satellite is slow and unreliable--but we do get a Verizon 4G signal. So... cancel satellite and just tether the phone?...
They say 1 line $80/mo Unlimited...

But...then...they tell you a little more... [comments in brackets are mine].

4G LTE only. We may manage your network usage to ensure a
quality experience for all customers [we will oversell it], and may prioritize your data
[no net neutrality] behind some Verizon customers during times/places of network
congestion [we will oversell it]. Not available for machine-to-machine services [not clearly defined].
Mobile hotspot/tethering reduced to 3G speeds after
10GB/month [not really unlimited]; domestic data roaming at 2G speeds [not really 4G either]. If more than 50% of
your talk, text or data usage in a 60-day period is in Canada or
Mexico [also not unlimited], use of those services in those countries may be
removed or limited. Discounts not available.

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