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Comment Do you HONESTLY hit your cap? (Score -1, Flamebait) 218

I have two kids who are glued to Netflix and YouTube every waking moment. My wife watches TV shows on Amazon. I spend most of my time connected to various servers doing upgrades and maintenance. I've never come close to hitting the cap. Comcast (and all the other ISPs) say that the cap issue only affects about 1% of the customer base. It appears that the entire 1% eats up bandwidth posting complaints on message boards because that is all you really see on the Internet. I personally think that most of them are simply being dishonest. They don't hit the cap at all. They just want to complain so they can complain. I assume that if Ford announced it was putting a limiter in their new cars that limits the max speed to 200mph, they would complain that they regularly suffer due to the limitation and simply cannot go on with life until it is removed. Boo hoo. I'll care when (if) I ever get close to hitting the bandwidth cap.

Comment Info on Verizon and Sony FM Chips (Score 4, Informative) 340

I was just told about this thread - so this may be old. But, I've done a lot of research into Verizon and the Sony Z3V, which has an FM chip.

TLDR: The chip is not disabled. The OS is altered to mute FM output.

I have three Sony Z3V phones. All three have an FM chip. I can check to ensure the FM chip works by using the Sony diagnostics tool. Dial *#*#7378523#*#* and you get a diagnostics menu. Select hardware tests and test the FM chip. If it was disabled, it wouldn't work. It does work. Just type in the frequency to tune to and you get radio. The problem is that this screen will timeout. When it does, the radio goes away. Also, there's no volume adjustment. It is at max volume only.

In the original OS distribution, Verizon simply didn't include an FM app with the phone. You could download one (such as Spirit FM) and listen to the radio. With the 5.1.1 update, the radio stopped working. But, there was a catch. If you used Sony's FM app - which you have to download from a "trusted source" and install as an untrusted third party app - it still worked. You could listen to the radio. Then, there was the second update to 5.1.1. Instead of "disabling" FM, Verizon went another route. They mute the FM audio. So, you can download just about any FM app. You can run it. You can tune it in. You can see that it has a signal. You can see the over-the-air identification text, which is usually the song being played. But, there is no audio.

Now, controversy: Verizon has quoted multiple times that it would cost up to $100/phone to "enable" the FM chip in the phones. The chip is enabled. They are spending effort in muting it. Verizon has also quoted multiple times that an FM tuner interferes with normal phone operations. Before the upgrade to 5.1.1, I listened to the radio on my phone all the time and never had any trouble with any other operations. In my opinion, Verizon simply wants you to use data to listen to music. They don't want you to listen to music for free.

Submission + - Smartphones For Text SSH Use -- Revisited Again

Kainaw writes: This was asked in 2005 and 2008. I think it should be revisited yet again...

With iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones running around, which (if any) of them are well-suited to Unix/Linux server administration on the run? SSH is a must. A good screen resolution. A physical keyboard won't block the screen with a virtual keyboard. Many physical keyboards omit the numeric keys now, making the typing of numbers rather difficult. Nearly every smartphone has WiFi capability now. Some will do an X display through SSH tunnelling. So, pushing through all the bells and whistles that have nothing to do with effective server administration, what is left?

Comment Does everything except what you want to do (Score 3, Informative) 92

Remote "play" is a misnomer. You cannot "play". The same thing already exists with the PSP. You can poke around your PS3 remotely, but can't play games (and you can't even watch a DVD or BluRay movie). If Sony wants to push this, they need to turn Remote Play into Remote PLAY, not Remote Browse. Then, they have a market. You still working on Ziamat on FFXII and need to take a bathroom break? Grab your phone (or PSP) and continue playing remotely. No problem.

Comment Re:Understanding efficiency (Score 1) 365

You are making some wild and crazy assumptions there. Suppose there is a test - something as simple as a metal detector - that flagged 10% of the people. If the light on this test turns red, the person deviates from the main line of people and walks through a second detector that costs a little more to run. Also, being a second detector, it would create a second bottleneck if everyone had to walk through it. This second detector only flags 10% of the 10% that go through it. So, the "more expensive" and "more intrusive" test isn't what you are assuming it to be. It is not a complete strip search. If the second test flags a person, then the person goes to a more precise test. This continues by only expending security where it is needed.

It is also a wild and crazy assumption that walking through a detector 10 times will cause it to pop positive at least once. I have never ever caused a metal detector to go off. I fly very often. I work in a secure building. I do a lot of government contract work in other government buildings. So, I figure that I walk through metal detectors at least 20 times a week. A friend of mine had them go off on him a lot. They would baton him and let him go. He finally checked into it and found that his tie clip would set it off if it was oriented just right. So, he tossed out the tie clip and hasn't set one off since. If you trigger the terrorist test, you should ask why. Once you know why, you can decide if it is worth changing. It could be something as simple as replacing a tie clip.

Comment Understanding efficiency (Score 1) 365

Better yet, how can efficiency be explained to wannabe nerds? If a test is very fast, non-intrusive, and cheap with a 90% accuracy, it is a great test. Those 10% may be sent to a further test that is longer, more intrusive, and more expensive with a 99.999999999% accuracy. This applies throughout testing of all kinds. There is no reason screening for terrorists should be a magical area of testing separate from the rules that govern all other areas of testing.

Comment This is an old patent application (Score 1) 188

I'm sorry, but isn't this practically identical to the patent application to use javascript to treat browsers as distributed clients to perform a job like a distributed super computer? The patent application is at

Comment It is documented by Westinghouse (Score 1) 147

I just purchased a Westinghouse television and it is documented, rather well, how to set the television to use less than 1 watt of power in standby. It includes a warning that this is not set as factory default because it takes up to 10 seconds for the television to turn on when in the low-watt standby mode - far too long for most people to wait.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Sony PS3 unSupport

Ever needed to use Sony's PS3 Support? I sure hope not. A month ago, I showed my wife "Little Big Planet." It seemed like a good game to play for a while. We brought it home. We played it right away and it was fun. The next day, it wouldn't play. I put the disk in, but nothing happened. I put in another game. Nothing. I put in a DVD. Nothing. I put in a CD. Nothing. Obviously, there was something wrong with the CD/DVD reader. So, I rushed to my file cabinet of receipts.


Submission + - Comcast Blocking

Kainaw writes: For well over a week, I have not been able to access from home (where I use Comcast high-speed Internet). I can access it from work easily. I thought it was a blip for a few days, but then started asking around. Nobody here can access through Comcast. I've called and emailed them in the morning and evening for the last three days and I haven't received any worthwhile response. They just tell me to unplug my modem and plug it back in. So, now I'm thinking about the current push by companies like Comcast to charge for preferred Internet service. Is this the first step — blocking Linux sites to push out those "free software" freaks who demand an equal Internet for all?

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