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Journal Kainaw's Journal: KDE4.1 Wish List

KDE4.1 is being released. The packages should be available for Fedora soon. So, I thought I'd build up a checklist of what I hope to see fixed in KDE4.1 and see how much actually gets checked off:

  • Kate crashes on exit. Every time I start it, I have to go into settings and get it set up properly again. It apparently crashes while trying to save settings.
  • The "start" menu has a tendency to float to the upper left corner of the screen and shrink to showing only one or two items with an impossible to use scrollbar.
  • The clock will not resize text. The only way to make the time appear is to include the date, which causes the time to appear in the proper place by the date appears in the top right corner of the screen.
  • There is no system monitor applet. I like being able to see the current cpu, memory, and swap loads at all times. I'd also like to be able to see the harddrive activity since most modern cases make the drive light so small and dim that it is not functional anymore.
  • The panel doesn't allow aligning items to the right.
  • I force my clock and such to the right by using the newsticker, which fills in the left as much as possible. However, the newsticker crashes plasma every 10-15 minutes.
  • In order to set a custom desktop, I had to edit the plasma config files by hand.
  • In order to have a panel that spans two desktops, I had to edit the plasma config files by hand.

I'm rather surprised. I had a much longer list just a few weeks ago, but I've become so used to this crippled environment that I don't have as many complaints anymore. Perhaps that is why so many people are already happy with just a few minor bug fixes in 4.1. I hope I will be happy as well.

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KDE4.1 Wish List

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