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Journal Kainaw's Journal: Fedora 9 Dissapointment

The following is not a long diatribe. It is nothing more than a bullet-list of things I found in my first day of using Fedora 9. Most of this has to do with KDE4.
  * Fedora distribution should include a CD iso that only installs the kernel, network, and yum. I can yum install anything else I want after that. The iso would be VERY small and the install would be VERY quick.
  * Fedora still insists on installing bluetooth and wireless services even though you don't have bluetooth or wireless and deselect anything related to it in the install process.
  * The nVidia driver will not compile in Fedora 9. I opted to use the nouveau driver with xrandr to get my dual-desktop display working properly.
  * Sytem-config-display is still broken with nv and dual-head nVidia cards. If you select "use dual head", you'll just get a crash when starting X.
  * The default panel is huge. If you select a "small" or "tiny" option, the objects inside the panel are no longer functional.
  * The clock font is monstrously huge. I can only see the tops of the numbers.
  * The Fedora icon in the Application Launcher is too large and goes off the left/bottom corner of the screen.
  * Attempting to shutdown as a non-root user fails. KDE eventually crashes. You have to login as root and run a shutdown command from the console.
  * If KDE crashes (which it does at every shutdown), the panel is lost. The only solution that works for restoring the panel is to delete the plasma settings file.
  * Those widgets are huge. The size is mostly padding around the widget. They are, for me, useless because they are always behind my windows. I don't want to hit ctrl-F12 (I think that is the command) to show the desktop every time I want to see a widget. I'll stick with the panel (when it is working).
  * The panel cannot be stretched across two desktop screens. You cannot add a second panel to the second desktop screen.
  * I selected "turn numlock on" in the keyboard settings. My BIOS even has "turn numlock on" set. So, I boot up and numlock is on. Fedora boots, and numlock is on. I login and numlock is on. KDE starts and numlock is turned off. Apparently, someone messed up the code and selecting "turn on" and "turn off" both turn the numlock off.

That's all for one day. Fedora 9 is usable, but I have to just get used to losing functionality that I had in Fedora 8. The annoying thing is that I lost functionality in Fedora 8 that I had in Fedora 9. I figure that in about three or four more versions, Fedora won't have any functionality left.

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Fedora 9 Dissapointment

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