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The Internet

Submission + - Visual server-wide stats for web hosting company

Kahless2k writes: I have been asked to compile some traffic statistics for a small/mid sized web hosting company. There are a handful of servers running Apache under Red Hat Enterprise 5. Basically, they are looking for something similar to what awstats will output, but for all sites on a particular server. Sites are added and removed fairly often, so a solution not requiring per-site configuration would be best — reports will be run on an ongoing basis. In addition, a way to display some of the above information — again server-wide — in real-time *visually* for management (what they will do with real-time information is beyond me, but it's what they want) would be an asset.

Comment Re:$conn_id = mysql_connect("") (Score 1) 202

First of all, this is not new. My logs have shown attempted attacks like this for over a month.

Second, the attack vector is not simply requesting parameters and passing them to the database; the code is sent as part of the querystring, which the server parses causing the code to be executed which appends the script call into most text fields in your database, in every record.

Default validations do NOT catch all the attempts, certainly most, but the odd one does get through validation - at this point, it doesnt matter how you coded your queries, as long as you have tables with text fields you are just as screwed - the code simply hits every table. Again, you do NOT have to pass this code to the database in your script to be vulnerable

There are modules to beef up the validation, and they work well to prevent this, but you dont have to be an idiot to be hit - and I resent that statement.

And yes, I operate a couple dozen sites across a number of servers and can see this activity clearly in my logs and have one or two successful attacks on fully patched servers to draw my information from.


Submission + - Targeted by P2PLawsuits? Rolling Stone wants you!

marklyon writes: "A freelance writer for Rolling Stone magazine is doing one or more stories on the RIAA's new campaign against college students. He would like very much to talk to college students who have received the letters. He wants to do a phone interview by Friday, March 9th, and will pay all phone expenses. His name is Steve Knopper. His contact information is and (303) 433-1325. His website is (via Recording Industry vs The People)."

Submission + - Major gene study uncovers secrets of leukemia

stemceller writes: "Investigators at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered previously unsuspected mutations that contribute to the formation of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common cancer in children. The discovery not only suggests novel methods for treating pediatric ALL, but also provides a roadmap for the identification of unsuspected mutations in adult cancers."
Linux Business

Submission + - 5 Things You Can't Discuss about Linux

gondwannabe writes: Flamebait for the /. crowd? How about The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss About Linux With considerable chutzpa, an insightful Rob Enderle takes on what he considers five dogmas in the OSS community and explains why they're wrong. Examples: Linux is secure, "communes" actually work in the long haul, and that Linux is "pro-developer.

Submission + - FAA Vista shun indicates Linux and Google rise

Tookis writes: A report in Information Week that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may shun the idea of upgrading to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office in favor of Linux and Google Apps must be giving the big software company air sickness. The FAA is worried about two major things with a Vista upgrade: compatibility with existing applications and cost. Looks like the FAA will stick with XP for some time though.

Submission + - Scientists to use MRI to Read Minds

ChainedFei writes: While currently in the experimental stages, Scientists at Germany's Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience are using MRI Imaging in order to detect higher level decision making as it occurs in the brain before the thought is put to action. Civil Libertarians are naturally concerned as to the usage of such technology, should it come to fruition. Civil Libertarians are, quite understandably, uneasy of such technology. The initial proposed usages of such technology has been put forward as better Airport Security measures as well as Criminal Interrogations, though the possibility of a Minority Report style use loom throughout.

Submission + - Medical Wikis Featured in Nature Medicine

S. Adams writes: Two high impact medical journals, BMJ and Nature Medicine have featured articles discussing the impact of Web 2.0 and Wiki software and the future of medical infomatics. Both have stirred some debate on the potential impact of the technology to benefit patient care as well of some of the risk if not used properly. -231.html (subscription required) maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&fulltext= askdrwiki&searchid=1&FIRSTINDEX=0&resourcetype=HWC IT (open Access)

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