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Comment Re:Competition is good, baby! (Score 1) 1089

when is the last time you had to roll back a driver on your mobile phone? how long does it take to boot your tv? google seems to understand that the fun we've had with the PC hobby has run its course... the world is ready for the long-promised, yet to be delivered computing appliance... finally, with mobile broadband and web applications, it's all possible... for most users and most tasks, the browser can be the interface... the operating system can just quietly disappear... geeks are hostile because their skills are all about mastering the PC... everyone else just wants to email, browse, tweet and connect... Google have the market power and resources to provide the needed ecosystem to make this a reality... If they can really execute this strategy (and there are holes in their current services you can drive a truck through!) the world will be theirs...

Comment I know all about Mr Jobs... (Score 1) 320

...because I once stood behind him in line to get into a guitar concert at Stanford, yeah!

He stood there quietly and waited to get into the hall with everyone else, see!

Now pipe down you sonofabitch!

He's a brilliant guy, too bad that his own reality distortion field delayed his surgery. His letter seems a little disingenuous and unfortunately his health is material re Apple shares. There's probably no succession plan that will change that when the CEO is so closely identified with the brand.

Comment radiation isn't the problem (Score 1) 611

The Hyperion technology is a lot safer than the low-level research and medical reactors that still quietly exist all over the planet - there is no liquid cooling system that can catastrophically fail and burial will secure the installations. Nimby alarmists ignore that nuclear power is the safest source of energy by any measure, once all the real risks are compared. Disposal is safe, but has been made too costly due to post TMI/Chernobyl hysteria.

Sadly, the worlds uranium supply is limited. And, even at current consumption levels, is likely to become very scarce within the next 50 years, or so. Another problem is scalability - how many of these plants will have to roll off the production line to provide even 10% of the world's base load? My quick calculation says about 50,000 will be needed to reach this target. That's a lot of systems and a lot of uranium.

If you want to be safe, stay out of the street, stay off the road, stay out of the sun, avoid food and drink.

Comment Well, HERE'S your PROBLEM! (Score 1) 785

Ah gee, how we love to dance on poor willie...once upon a time there was a company that had contempt for its customers...and, that contempt trickled into everything the company did...soon, it couldn't distinguish between the quality of its products and services and its marketing...this company was always on message, but the hidden message was (pssst, those suckers won't know the difference) day the customers looked up to heaven, searching for an answer...a cloud began to form in the empty got bigger, and bigger...

Comment how 'bout this... (Score 1) 676

a new version with all the useful stuff;

without shoving all the useless stuff down my throat;

that actually boots and runs faster than XP on my current, reasonably up-to-date hdw?

I'll be your fanmonkey for ever /or until the next "upgrade" / and we'll go around the dance floor once again.


Journal Journal: Hearing Aid technology

What is it with hearing aid technology? Having reluctantly discovered I need one, I find that they are stuck in 19th century technology, with anti-competitive practices selling old tech at high prices. I have a nice phone, with a bluetooth headset. My phone plays the radio until a call comes in. Why can't I buy a phone that doubles as a hearing aid, amplifying sounds instead of playing a radio? Come to that, why can't I buy a nice looking bluetooth hearing aid headset? Why do all hearing aids lo

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