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Comment Re:So the real crime is... (Score 1) 369

The crime happens when you solicit sources for classified documents. Which is legally distinct from being a media organization that just happened to get a drop of documents. There was a whole storyline in "The Newsroom" that covered it. In the past there was some talk that Assange's interactions with Manning in IRC may have crossed the line.

If Trump irks Putin then he's not going to get Snowden. That leaves Assange as the scapegoat to "prove" he's not a Russian puppet. If I was Snowden I'd be quite happy to see Assange under the microscope. It likely means the Russians aren't playing ball.

Comment Re:Reminds me of the Pico Brewer (Score 1) 359

Pico Brew has always struck me as a machine for a professional brewer that wants to make very specific test batches quickly with the ability to reproduce them ad hoc. In particular if you have other duties and don't want to babysit. But for a $1000 you can get several all grain systems that make full 5 gallon batches. They are not as automated as the PICO brew but I'm looking at quantity, not fully automated.

Comment Re:No Degree? no problem! (Score 1) 329

Same here. Went into consulting and hit it big when Y2K was a thing. Stuck with consulting and now my income put me in the top 4%. Which is great since I live in a very low cost area. I do a lot of on-shoring gigs these days. All the customers that did off-shoring early on are having buyers remorse that's compounded by how wages are on the rise in India.

Comment $12/Gig - $2 more than Google Fi + Broadband (Score 1) 46

So you have to have Xfinity Broadband, which already includes the WiFi coverage and it costs $2/gig more than Google Fi. So you get all the features of having Fi + Xfinity, but get to pay $2/gig more. That is of course assuming data used on WiFi doesn't count towards your usage. If that's not the case it's even less competitive.

Submission + - Minnesota Senate Votes to Bar Selling ISP Data (

Kagato writes: St. Paul Pioneer Press reports: "In a surprise move, the Minnesota Senate on Wednesday voted to bar internet service providers from selling their users’ personal data without express written consent."

Adding: "The move was a reaction to a Tuesday vote in Congress to lift a ban on that practice imposed in 2016 by the Federal Communication Commission."

Submission + - Minnesota Legislature Takes Up ISP Privacy Regulations

BenFranske writes: After the recent US Senate vote to kill FCC broadband privacy rules which would require customers to opt-in to the sale of customer tracking data the Minnesota state legislative bodies have adopted an amendment to an appropriations bill that would prohibit

[The] collect[ing of] personal information from a customer resulting from the customer's use of the telecommunications or internet service provider without express written approval from the customer. No such telecommunication or internet service provider shall refuse to provide its services to a customer on the grounds that the customer has not approved collection of the customer's personal information.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 3, Insightful) 667

I don't think it was the right move but I understand it. Over the years as I've traveled to London I've had less and less interactions with Brits and more and more with Eastern Europeans. Last trip there wasn't a single hospitality employee I interacted with that wasn't a legal Eastern European immigrant. Though London has a fairly low unemployment rate. Still, there is a perception that the UK Manufacturing is a shadow of it's former self and EU companies use cheap labor in the East to ripsaw more expensive labor in the West.

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