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Comment Re:Waaaaaaaaa (Score 2) 391

Lucky? I can't speak to the West Coast, but here in the Midwest it's a job seekers market. Companies are lucky to get people for interviews.

Amazon does tend to hire young with slight under market salaries and a big carrot of stock back loaded. Getting put on a PIP means the dude threw away however many years at Amazon and was going to lose his stock. He could have made more and worked less somewhere else.

On the other hand there are parts of Amazon that hire older PhDs and have a slower R&D pace. But that's the exception, not the norm.

Comment Re:Step 1: Ignore the mouth (Score 1) 559

Totally agree. The problem is he's still has the climate science skeptic in charge of the EPA search committee. I think he's throwing a couple bones for "the liberal media" while going ahead with the same plan to staff EPA with folks that aren't going to get in the way of projects.

Comment Culling when the Poles Flip (Score 2) 522

A lot of geologists think we'll have a pretty decent culling of the human population when the poles flip. That could happen in our lifetime or thousands of years from now. The main contention is the parts of the Earth surface are going to get fried with radiation when that happens. Stock up on sun block and lead lined suits.

Comment He Has the Same Problem As Obama (Score 1) 320

So, y'all realize the same people that that have controlled the house of representatives are still there right? The people elected the same bunch of Do-Nothings that have been in place for the last 12 years or so. They are anti-tax and free-trade. So unless they all of sudden have decided to become socialists these ideas of having massive taxed on companies that move production overseas is a no go. What Trump can do is Exit NAFTA. But doing that would all of a sudden make millions of materials produced in the US more expensive to North America.

There will be winners and losers. Most of the losers are likely down South.What's left of the US Textile industry (mostly makers of denim and other bulk fabrics) would likely go out of business. It's economically viable to produce the fabric in the US and ship it to Mexico for production into clothing and then ship the finished product to the US. When that goes away it's do you think the they'll make it all in the US? No. They'll ship raw cotton to one of the super low cost countries in Asia. It will all get done over there and shipped back here because that's cheaper and works under existing tariffs that have ZERO to do with NAFTA and Trump can't easily change.

This will be a reply of the last time the GOP had control over all three houses. Screw over the poor, cut taxes on the rich, privatize a bunch of stuff that actually runs fairly well, line the pockets of big donors, spend a bunch of money on some bullshit war and then wonder why the budget is out of control. Rinse and Repeat.

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