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Comment Re:Cure who? (Score 2) 163

I guess you missed: The researchers found that the supplements restore the children's blood levels of amino acids to normal. As for their autism symptoms, Gleeson says, the “patients did not get any worse and their parents say they got better, but it’s anecdotal”. Doesn't sound promising. Since normal brain development is a process that starts in utero, these amino acids are something that might require treatment to start immediately after birth to have any effect at all. Somehow with all the folk experimentation that's gone on with autistic kids, which is not always a bad thing, I'd be very surprised if every possible combination of amino-acids hasn't already been tried out there by someone. Anyhow, moral of the story: don't marry your cousins, or anyone else you may be closely related to.

Comment Re:They may be mocking the price but (Score 2) 369

A thought about "audiophilia". Men (and some women) love expensive toys. But I think the reason this particular area is so out-of-control is that there's no easily quantifiable metric of "sounds better". Whereas, with something like a Leica camera lens, you can shoot a resolution target yourself and see how well the lens resolves it across the visual field. With fast cars, you can see how fast they go or accelerate. Above a couple thousand, any individual piece of sound reproduction equipment, if properly installed and adjusted, will sounds as good as any other to someone who isn't psychotic. The other funny thing is some moron will pay $1000+ for, let's say, an SPDIF or HMDI cable...but that movie or album was produced with standard commercial equipment and cables from the likes of BSW, Markertek, etc. Wouldn't that make the bits already damaged by inferiority by the time they were mastered for CD or DVD!?

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