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Comment Re:That's still a lot (Score 2, Informative) 294

There are some problems with Camino, though, such as Camino having slower release cycles and always being behind the Firefox team.
Camino is not behind. You can download Camino nightlies just like you can download FF nightlies. Both are based on the same code.
The Camino guys just have higher quality standards. IMHO Camino alpha releases are often so good that they could be called final releases.

So, diverting efforts towards the Camino fork
Camino is no fork.

the core issue which is too many unaddressed Mac Firefox bugs. We want a better Firefox, not a neglected Firefox, for OS X.
You won't get it. Live with it. Windows is the top priority for the Mozilla Corp. guys.
The one guy hired by MoCo to work on FF for Mac is currently not working to improve the Mac experience. No, he's working on not sucking even more.
Gecko/Mozilla Plattform 1.9 will use Cairo which up to the latest FF3 alpha works really really bad on Mac OS X. If you think that FF2 has issues on Mac, you should try that alpha release. It's horrible on Mac. You get Aqua buttons but that's about it. I know, it's an alpha and alphas are allowed to suck, but right now the current builds of FF3 don't even display many italic fonts. Think about it: The FF Mac guy works almost exclusively to fix Cario bugs on OSX. He's not working on Keychain integration and so on.
So for the final release we can be lucky if FF3 won't have MORE bugs on OSX than FF2. You can expect that italics will work again, that arabic text will work again, but actual improvements in the Mac departement compared to FF2? I highly doubt it.

Comment Re:Not gonna happen on Mac until... (Score 2, Informative) 657

Apple spoke about multithreading in last year's WWDC "Mac OS X State of the Union" session. Apple provided a recording of that session (among two others) for free though iTunes. Since they're free, I uploaded a short clip. Once Veoh encoded that video, it will be available at

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