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Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 87

What is this obsession with shoving stuff into space? There are already so many satellites in orbit that we'll soon be at a critical point of so much space debris flying around that it'll be self generating and dangerous

Maybe with lower costs, some of this extra stuff could actually take the other old stuff out of the way?

Comment Re:You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 1) 257

The thing is, the news media report on what is unusual and what is likely to attract consumer attention, not necessarily in that order

I think the reasoning here is that while a "watch a dog make an amazingly complicated trick" news attracts news consumers as successfully as "watch an imperfect self-driving car cause an accident", only one of them is potentially harmful by means of feeding normal people's irrationality.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

And the OP was right and you are wrong. The LM was under computer control and the optional "manual control" in the terminal phase (for the last few percent of the whole descent, time-wise) was actually a form of autopilot that maintained a pilot-selected descent rate and pilot-selected horizontal velocity vector. That was about the greatest level of manual control exercised during the landing, and the computer still had to figure out the necessary LMDE thrust level and pulsed RCS burns to make those linear velocity vectors happen because a human with full manual control would just commit a very expensive suicide. (They repeatedly did that in simulation before they gave up.)

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