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Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 303

Why a trip from the lunar surface to LEO? I was referring purely to fuel production on the Moon. Obviously for usage scenarios, you have to do extra calculations, but since no particular one was mentioned, I didn't take that into consideration. In the specific usage scenario for fueling a trip to Mars - assuming you actually meant "Moon as a stepping stone" (otherwise the rest of your text doesn't seem to make sense) -, the logistics for that was studied recently at MIT, with promising results.

Comment Re:What about single thread performance? (Score 2) 277

They will. Apparently slightly later. Maybe they'll even follow the Kaveri/Carrizo/Excavator model and release parts for laptops in a single line with with four-core desktop CPUs. This hasn't been announced but I'd find it perfectly logical since it worked quite well so far.

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