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Comment Re:This comment section: petty envious Americans (Score 2) 74

Russia had the first craft in orbit. The first man in space. The first to have landers on other planets. And they had the first woman in space, and whenever someone pays tribute and attention to it, you just gotta troll the whole thread and find ways of diminishing Russias victory in the space race. Get over it.

I'm not an American, but the fact remains that that the first satellite and the interplanetary probes were amazing technical achievements, the first man in space was an amazing technical achievement as well as a dangerous stunt for its time (perhaps a bit too dangerous, but Vostoks were ultimately as lucky as the first Shuttle flights), but Tereshkova's flight was mostly a political stunt with much less of an achievement of any meaningful kind (except perhaps for the demonstration of quick launch ramp cycling, which didn't require her presence, however, and even so was also achieved even faster during the previous joint Vostok 3&4 flight). It was an achievement for Tereshkova, of course, who greatly personally benefited from it. The first meaningful flight of a Russian woman into space was Savitskaya's flight. That would still be a first for the Soviet Union, anyway, and Savitskaya was much more of a respectable peer to the other Soviet spacemen than the hastily recruited civilian in question with next to no piloting experience or technical qualification.

Comment Re:Nope, I'll use he, she, they, there, their etc. (Score 1) 300

To be honest, I've been translating from English for a decade, for money, and this is the first time even I see "reasoning" like the one you're displaying in the second paragraph. I've seen group plurals for institutions, and I've seen singular they, in both less or more fortuitous usages, but this is the first time ever I see anyone justifying singular they of an authority figure with an institutional plural. Maybe you should push it into textbooks so that us dumb foreigners could learn it at your level of detail.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 2) 166

A rocket is not just its physical construction; there's a huge amount of cost in research, design, testing, and support infrastructure - in the case of SLS

The problem is that in case of SLS, which recycles half of the STS equipment, if you need to do so much extra research, maybe it was a wrong idea from the very start. One of the things I found utterly laughable was the recent engine testing campaign for the limited amount of engines that already flew (and will be thrown away), just because they've decided to run them slightly hotter. These things sum up in a nasty way. You could have designed and developed not one but several new launchers for the total sum of incremental SLS expenses, any of them more prospective than the SLS.

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