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Comment Re:Public vs private (Score 1) 387

I have no issues with some security guard watching me behind a computer screen... I would have an issue if the guard was talking over the PA system about how he was watching me and listening to my conversation on the phone and then proceeded to upload my reaction to youtube.... and I bet when I made a stink about it he would lose his job. One of these days he'd going to get assaulted in front of a surveillance camera and I bet he won't be against having the footage used to prove his assailants guilt.

Comment Re:Is Titanic the 3D breakthrough? (Score 1) 289

The problem is the cheap 3D post-production jobs that have been done to drive out more 3D movies. Avatar was built around the idea of creating it with 3D in mind.... and James Cameron had a ton of money to throw into the process. Other movies that have tried to add 3D haven't been able to put forth that much effort and money so they've all been flopped attempts. Personally, I think 3D is something that's only going to work well with certain studios for certain movies. I expect the Hobbit will look absolutely stunning in 3D considering Peter Jackson has created 3D camera to allow him to see the end result of the 3D effect on his scenes in real-time.

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