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Comment Garbage. (Score 1) 2219

I've been reading slashdot since about 2004ish, and back then it was my one stop news site for tech stuff.
However, now, I only read it as a joke, a reminder of what used to be.
The editors are a joke, most of the articles put up aren't newsworthy and/or are very poorly edited/summarized.
And this new beta page? Absolute shit.
We get it, the current owners of slashdot don't give a single fuck.

I seriously doubt you hear us, but we hear you loud and clear.
I have no doubt that this beta page will be the straw that broke the camel's back, and long time members will leave in droves.

Comment Video games. (Score 4, Interesting) 231

When i think back to my elementary school, there was only one reason to visit the library other than to check out books, and that was to play games on the computers.

We had games like Spellevator Math Blaster as well as some adventure game that constantly quizzed various knowledges that I can't for the life of me remember the name of.
(I wish I did because I never beat it and I'd love to go back and do such now)

The point is, there's many an educational game out there, and it's an easy way to get younger kids learning things they may not otherwise take interest in.

Students Tracked In UK College Via RFID For 1-3 Years 64

wendyg writes "As part of redeveloping its three-site campus and without consultation with parents or the Information Commissioner, the UK's West Cheshire College installed a highly detailed tracking system using ultrawideband RFID tags handed out to its 14- to 17-year-old students. The system, which cost up approximately £1 million, was abandoned earlier this year because of escalating costs and lack of the functionality the college wanted. The college has been reluctant to answer questions, dubbing privacy campaigner and persistent questioner Pippa King 'vexatious,' and material relating to the trial has been vanishing off the Net. The law requiring parental consent for the use of biometrics in schools (for things like taking attendance and paying for meals) came into force last month. It seems it already needs to be updated."

Comment "accessing the internet"? (Score 1) 365

This seems like a fairly broad statement. Despite what the horrible title says, people did NOT admit to "surfing the web" but "accessed the internet".
The only definition in this incredibly short article defining what that means is the following:

(e.g. check email, surf websites, etc.)

However, it doesn't say if they prefaced that when asking the question. If they simply asked me, for instance "Do you access the internet while you drive?", my answer would be "Yes, yes I do!"
Using google navigator, maps, etc? That access the internet. Even if it's sitting on my dash the entire time without me touching it, I am, indeed, accessing the internet while I drive.

I have a feeling that, gasp, this study was purposefully skewed for shock effect. And as per usual, slashdot took the bait.

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