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Submission + - Brain-controlled gadgets are coming (

An anonymous reader writes: In the past week, two examples of brain-computer interfaces have popped up: the bicycle that can shift gears with just a thought, and the car that can slam the brakes on before your nervous system can actually trigger the muscles in your foot. The bike is a concept bike built by Parlee Cycles as part of the Toyota Prius X project, and the automobile is the result of work done by German researchers. The German creation uses a custom EEG setup — but interestingly, the Parlee bike seems to use the Emotiv USB EEG headset and an Arduino controller. Is the age of psuedo-telekinetically-controlled gadgets and computers finally upon us?

Submission + - Sony's Been Hacked Again (

mehrotra.akash writes:

An official statement on the site (in Japanese) explains So-Net has terminated exchanges of points, and asked customers to change their passwords. The story translator says the total lost was "about 100,000 yen," or $1,224. Google's translation of the site reads that as "approximately 10 million yen," or $122,384, which is probably why we shouldn't trust Google Translate.

And it was Brute Forced!!


Submission + - Job posting points to the iPhone coming to Sprint (

An anonymous reader writes: A recent research note from analyst Peter Misek coupled with a curious job posting from Apple point to the iPhone arriving on Sprint and perhaps T-Mobile later this year.

Submission + - Righthaven Hit with Class Action Counterclaim

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Steve Green reports that oneof the website operators accused of copyright infringement by Righthaven has retaliated, hitting the Las Vegas company with a class-action counterclaim charging that defendants in all 57 Righthaven cases in Colorado "are victims of extortion litigation by Righthaven, which has made such extortion litigation a part of its, if not its entire, business model." The counterclaim says Righthaven has victimized defendants by failing to send takedown notices prior to suing, by threatening to take their website domain names when that’s not provided for under the federal Copyright Act, by falsely claiming it owns the copyrights at issue and by failing to investigate jurisdictional and fair use issues before suing, among other things.The claim seeks an adjudication that Righthaven’s copyright infringement lawsuits amount to unfair and deceptive trade practices under Colorado law, an injunction permanently enjoining Righthaven from continuing the alleged unfair and deceptive trade practices, an unspecified financial award to the class-action plaintiffs for damages as well as their costs and attorney’s fees."

Submission + - Oh Google, why? (

paleshadows writes: For years, gmail users have been able to utilize alternate email addresses from within gmail. One could send mail as foo@bar (bar !=, while still having all benefits of a gmail account. These days are over. In a bizzare move, Google more or less arranged things such that, if you use alternate emails, you will not be able to enjoy the associated google calendar. For example, as a publicly declared policy, gmail refuses to allow you to accept any calendar invites that were sent to your alternate address. Amusingly, in response to users' outcry, Google personnel proposed (in all seriousness!) to solve the problem using an elaborate procedure that, among other things, eliminates your alternate addresses...

Submission + - 8 Of China's Top 9 Gov Officials Are Engineers (

kkleiner writes: "Did you know that the president of China is a scientist? President Hu Jintao was trained as a hydraulic engineer. Likewise his Premier, Wen Jiabao, is a geomechanical engineer. In fact, 8 out of China’s top 9 government officials are scientists or engineers. What does the scientific prominence atop China’s ruling body say, if anything, about the role of science and technology in China’s ability to compete against the U.S. and the world in terms of innovation and economic might?"

Submission + - Amazon CEO: Sales tax is unconstitutional (

Steve1960 writes: " chief Jeff Bezos says the online retailer won’t collect tax from most of its 90 million customers until Congress clearly mandates it.

Although a growing number of states are demanding that Amazon collect and remit tax on sales within their borders, such demands are “interference in interstate commerce” and prohibited by the Constitution, Bezos said."


Submission + - Capturing Solar Power with Antennae 2

necro81 writes: Researchers at the University of Missouri and the Idaho National Laboratory have demonstrated a new method of capturing solar power. Rather than using semiconductors to capture photons of sunlight, they fabricated small coiled antennae (several um square) that resonate with the wave nature of light. The antennae are tuned towards midrange infrared light (5-10 um), which is abundant on our cozy-warm Earth — even at night. They also demonstrated a way to imprint these coils on a substrate, like how CDs or vinyl records are produced, but could be scaled to roll-to-roll mass production. The usual caveat applies: it may be 5-10 years until this could hit the market.

Submission + - Your Nintendo 3DS pwns you (

Max Hyre writes: "The Nintendo 3DS's terms of so-called service, and the even more grotesquely misnamed privacy policy, make it clear that you are in the service of Nintendo. Specifically, anything you do, write, photograph, or otherwise generate with the 3DS is Nintendo's possession, for them to do whatever, however, whenever, and for as long as they want. On the other hand, if you do something they don't like, they're prepared to turn your device into a doorstop—and you gave them permission when you started using it.

And if you have a child's best interests at heart, don't give it to anyone too young to know to never use her real name, type in an address or phone number, or take any personally-identifiable photos. They might, at best, end up in a Nintendo ad. At worst, who knows?

Some of the details are on Defective by Design's website. I haven't found the full text online yet. If you do, please post it in a comment."


Submission + - Australian Journo Arrested for reporting on IT sec (

An anonymous reader writes: An Australian journalist was arrested by Queensland Police yesterday after reporting about vulnerabilities in Facebook's privacy controls on Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper. He was covering a conference organised by AusCERT.

Submission + - "No math degree" law for cell phones in Manitoba (

Barbara, not Barbie writes: Tired of cell-phone contracts that have hidden cancellation fees or require a math degree to figure out? Manitoba has passed a law that requires the following:

Customers can cancel a contract before end of term, a ban on unreasonable cancellation fees and unilateral contract changes, minimum monthly cost to be included in advertisements, no charges while defective equipment is out of service unless it's your fault, and limits to automatic renewals.

Hopefully the law will "go viral" with politicians looking for a way to please disgruntled voters.


Submission + - New Bill makes Streaming a Felony ( 3

halfEvilTech writes: Two months ago, the Obama administration asked Congress to make illicit online streaming of copyrighted movies and TV shows a felony. Such a bill has now been introduced by two senators.

So now even streaming a Movie across the internet could be considered more severe than say a DUI. Not to mention what this would do in states with 3 strikes laws for felonies.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft Hotmail blocking Playstation emails (

An anonymous reader writes: As part of the Playstation Network reboot, Sony is asking its customers to change their password. Users that signed up using a Hotmail account however are not receiving the emails, reporting that they have waited up to 52 hours and still received no email.

Users who signed up with Yahoo and Gmail accounts on the other hand are receiving their emails within seconds or minutes.

Could Microsoft be so petty as to slow or block the emails of its competitor?

Submission + - Patent Troll hits shops that offer WiFi (

An anonymous reader writes: Innovatio recently purchased Broadcom patents and have filed lawsuits against a variety of shops that offer wireless access to their customers. They started with companies in Chicago, and now it is being reported that they have sent waves of cease and desist letters around the country.

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