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Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 1) 70

This depends on the course delivery system, and how much your instructor both knows how to use the system and its quirks and how much your instructor cares about doing a decent job.

The platform I use (Canvas) is pretty good about a lot of stuff, but instead of entering possible answers that are an exact match of what a student might type in (for questions like "On a machine running Debian Jessie what command would you use to display the routing table?") and having to hunt down each occurrence of the question across 40 exams and check to be sure the student didn't "out think me", I simply don't enter ANY correct answers, and the system marks it as "needs grading" which lets me get to it with a single click on each exam.

Comment Re:Why is this different from traditional classes? (Score 1) 70

Yup. The key that our accreditation body (SACS) looked for when we did a substantiative change review to start offering online courses back in '98 was "equivalence". Did an online ENC101 course give the same experience, etc. as a F2F one? Did a student who took ENC101 online do just as well in the next course down the road compared to one who took it face to face?

Of course my sarcastic comment about it all is "of course, they all suck equally".

Comment Re:It's always someone elses fault (Score 1) 641

Yup. There is a reason that I wasn't allowed to drive Dad's 911 while a teenager and unsupervised. And yes, the first time I drove it I discovered scary fast acceleration - gave a little gas to get over a speed bump at "almost not moving" speed and let the clutch up, a moment later I'm at 35 and could have still been accelerating.

And that was in a car that is considered fairly sedate

Comment Not the first one (Score -1, Offtopic) 101

Funny how political extremists always seem to be the first to embrace new technologies to further their agendas. Hitler for example used the latest magnetic tape recording technology of his days to appear as if he was doing live broadcast in a city while he was in another.

Comment If you want to know when adulthood really starts (Score 5, Insightful) 261

ask the car insurance companies: above a certain age - way above 18 usually - their rates suddenly drop dramatically. The insurance companies don't make that age up: it comes from their accidents statistics.

It's pretty clear certain age groups get more into accidents than others: it's because they're not really mature enough to be good drivers, even after years of driving experience. Nothing reveals immaturity in a person more than their way of behaving on the road.

I'm saying this as a general rule of course: clearly there are good young drivers and incompetent old timers. But for the population in general, the insurance statistics don't lie.

Comment Today's Christmas *is* corporate bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 103

The Christmas we knows today - with the garish fat man dressed in red and gaudy lights that waste gigawatt hours of energy for nothing every year - is a pure invention of the Coca Cola company, designed solely to sell Coca Cola products. Also, the contemporary Christmas "spirit", based on ultra-consumerism and overeating, that start at least a month before the actual fucking Christmas Eve, is nothing but a massive effort by companies to brainwash people into buying tons of shit without realizing they're being manipulated into consuming. When was the last time Christmas was a strictly christian celebration, with Christians going to church to pray for a whole day and night, while the Jews, Muslims and all the others went about their business as usual on December 24?

So no, Google didn't steal the Christmas spirit: they *are* the Christmas spirit. They're pushing their products, like everybody else

Comment Fake news! (Score 3, Funny) 42

U.S. drone delivery service Flirtey on Monday announced that its self-piloting flying machines have whisked flu medicine, hot food and more from 7-Eleven convenience stores to customers' homes.

I've never be able to buy anything that can be called food at 7/11. So I don't believe it.

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