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Comment Re:Apple (Score 2) 196

Allow me to demonstrate under the latest macOS (10.12 / Sierra):

1) Go get the screensaver bundle.
2) Open the .dmg
3) Now, from the drawer with all the screen savers, drag out Pipes.saver to your desktop. It's perfectly safe. Double-click it to install it.

Here's what happens:

First, you get a dialog that says "can't install pipes screensaver" from preferences (preferences is what is normally started when you go to install a screen saver.)

Then, from the Apple menu or the prefs icon, you go to preferences / security, and there is no button. Just as I described. Pipes.saver is not installed. And prefs will not install it no matter how many times you try this. You can verify this is the case by going to Preferences, and then Desktop & Screen Saver, and looking at the list of available savers. Pipes.saver is not there.

Okay, so that's the OS install behavior as it stands today.

Now, take the Pipes.saver file, and drag it using Finder into ~/Library/Screen Savers

Now again, open preferences / Desktop & Screen Saver, and look at the list. There it is. If you choose it, it runs just fine.

This concludes our demo of macOS Sierra refusing to install working software from non-appstore vendors.

Comment Apple (Score 4, Insightful) 196

Apple's been boiling its frogs (sorry, I mean, customers) longer, and has moved from the ability to install any app you want, to the ability to install any app you want IF you set up preferences to allow it, to an inability to set up preferences to allow it, but if you try, a button appears (which you have to go into preferences to find) that may allow it (doesn't alway appear)...

They're one or two steps away from "app store only."

The frogs.... sorry, the customers... just one step from boiling now.

Interesting to see Microsoft begin to turn up the heat.

I guess pretty much everyone's a frog now.

Customer. I meant customer.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 178

The presence of a competing product is a part of what determines something's value.

Ryzen's release will cause the value of Intel's microprocessors to drop.

Corporations should be abolished.

This kind of thinking in uninformed.

How about a law making any profit margin greater than 5% illegal and punishable by prison time?

This has gone from ignorant to ignorant and dangerous.


Comment Re:Duh? (Score 2) 222

Me too. It's just too much of a hassle to switch admin rights off. Maybe it's better now but knowing MS it will not have changed much since 2000 when I tried using my computer as a normal user. "You can only run that program in administrator mode," it would tell me, or it would just refuse to do the simplest things. I gave u in frustration. I do use my Mac as a normal user, which works fine. It only asks for administrator passwords when doing administrative things like installing programs and changing global settings.

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