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Comment Re:What is the use case for smartwatch? (Score 3, Interesting) 38

I can think of two use cases that would be useful to me, if I had a smartwatch, which I don't. :)

  1. 1. Alarm for waking up in the morning without having something that also wakes up my wife and/or baby. But I'm not sure about wearing it on wrist and sending evil scary waves through my head all night (in the event I put my hand under my head while sleeping).
  2. 2. Phone notifications without having to get out my phone... e-mail, calls, sms, whatever. For example, I drive a tractor on our family farm (not my day job, or I'd be broke ;) ). I had to get a mount so I could put my phone up on the dashboard, otherwise there's just no way I hear it or feel it even in my pocket while driving the tractor. Other uses would be similar ... walking/running, etc. Just convenience, though.

... slashdot doesn't support "ordered lists" ? :(

Comment Re:You realize that homeopathic treatments are wat (Score 1) 297

The problem is ... things advertised as homeopathic are not always "just water." Sometimes, it's not diluted *that* much. And some "homeopathic" remedies include *non-diluted* ingredients that I've seen (e.g., herbs).

It gets confusing, because the real "homeopathy" with the whole "the less there is, the more powerful" thing is weird. But when "homeopathic" remedies include actual active ingredients that DO do things... that lends credibility to "homeopathy" if someone doesn't actually know any better.

It would be like marketing a "homeopathic" remedy for certain GI issues that "also includes" peppermint oil. Peppermint has an effect. The single molecule (if that) of Random Substance A? not so much. But look, a "homeopathy" worked!

Comment Re: Trump (Score 1) 857

You are confusing two things. One is "is it a good reason to vote for Trump if you want X done?". The second is "Why do people vote for Trump?".

Trump gets people's vote for a change that is needed. That Trump will not bring that change about is besides the point.


Comment How does that make matters worse? (Score 2) 101

To make matters worse, Google says it is aware that this critical Windows vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild.

How does that make matters worse? Exploit being used in the wild is the standard reason to expedite public disclosure. If the bad guys already know about the bug, there is no sense in keeping the legitimate users in the dark.


Comment Re: Trump (Score 2) 857

There's a perfectly good reason for this. Some of Trump's points about the system are good one. Don't get me wrong. I think he is the worst possible candidate to try and do something about those point. He's as corrupt as the system he's claiming to fight, so the chances of change there are really not high. The points, taken on their own, are good ones, however, and deserve to be addressed. Ignoring that fact, or being surprised at the amount of supporters he has, is to ignore a relevant important issue. Shachar P.s. Not a US citizen or resident, so not going to vote.

Comment Send new password to manufacturer? (Score 1) 64

If they have access to the internet, couldn't manufacturers setup an API endpoint that accepts a serial number and a password... so that the password could be changed and the manufacturer could be sent the new one?

The owner, when locked out, can call the manufacturer, they can look up the password, etc.

Not totally sure how one might secure said API so it doesn't just get spammed as well, but... :P

Comment Re:Attacking the source (Score 1) 171

Scott Adams is not an authority. He did say it. It's true (I read it as well). So what?

Attacking the source on unrelated charges is a sign of believing the charges (not of guilt, because the people doing the attacking are not the people in a position to know). Attacking the source for being unreliable, on the other hand, is completely legitimate.

Saying "the accuser has been known to repeatedly lie and manufacture evidence in the past" is on the point and relevant.


Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 1) 59

The "Smart" part is just an integrated way to potentially display what you want to throw at it (youtube, amazon video, whatever). At least on my integrated-roku tv, I can still plugin other stuff. I have a cheap Matricom Android thing for stuff the integrated roku doesn't do. But it's nice having the TV remote also be the Roku remote (although it's not as nice as the separate Roku remote, sadly... e.g., no headphone jack :) )

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