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Submission + - Carmageddon: Reincarnation Linux Version confirmed ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Stainless Games have been fundraising for Carmageddon: Reincarnation, a modern day remake of the classic Carmageddon racing games, on for weeks. Stainless said that if they hit 600,000 Dollars in pledges before time runs out, the would commit themselves to creating a Linux port of the game, as well as a MacOS port. Today they made it official: The fundraising has come so close to netting 600K overall, with a few more hours left to go, that they are officially committing themselves to creating a Linux port of the new game. PC gamers will get to play Carmageddon 4 first, with a February 2013 release date. The MacOS & Linux versions will follow the PC version later in 2013.

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 2, Insightful) 320

I think you need to read a bit more closely. A quote from the Article:
"He described how the critical thermal maximum for many frog species has been determined by contemporary research experiments: as the water is heated by about 2F per minute, the frog becomes increasingly active as it tries to escape, and eventually jumps out if the container allows it."

Seems to indicate that they tried it.

Comment Re:Slow sites lose me (Score 1) 171

I'm in this boat too, except my machine is an old G4 laptop. I don't visit VGChartz anymore and I've cut way back on my slashdot reading because the site locks up Firefox (3.5.1 on PowerPC) for long enough that I get those "Script is taking too long to complete" errors. Noscript helps and is probably the only reason why I still come to slashdot. :(


Submission + - Sonic Playable In Super Smash Bros Brawl (

Wowzer writes: "Sonic the Hedgehog is in Super Smash Bros Brawl, Nintendo has officially confirmed him as a playable character in the Wii game. They also confirmed an online co-op mode and that the release date of December 3rd means America is the only country getting the fighting game in 2007. To quote series director Masahiro Sakurai: "The one whose Smash appearance has been most desired dashes in from far away at supersonic speed. Sonic the Hedgehog crashes headlong into battle!" Looks like the creators hinting at Sonic a year ago were right."
The Courts

Submission + - How should I have responded to RIAA lawyer? 10

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's lawyers are a bit jumpy these days since their standard "making available" boilerplate was rejected by the Court in Interscope v. Rodriguez. But I still never expected, when I initiated a dismissal motion in Elektra v. Schwartz, that they would be reaching out to me , of all people, for help. But so they did, asking me "in the interest of efficiency... what precisely Defendant contends is lacking from Plaintiffs' Complaint for Defendant to consider it sufficient. Perhaps Plaintiffs may be able to satisfy these alleged deficiencies and spare both parties additional and unnecessary motions practice." Unfortunately my response was not very helpful; I couldn't think of anything better than to say, more or less, that "Plaintiffs have no case whatsoever against Ms. Schwartz, and their case against her was frivolous in its inception. Accordingly, there are no facts they can allege that will satisfy the plausibility standard." On reflection, I'm feeling kind of guilty that I didn't give them a more creative, and helpful answer, and I thought to turn to my friends at Slashdot, who are (a) almost always helpful, and (b) always creative. What would you have said?"

Submission + - Adobe says software not fully tested on Leopard

Stony Stevenson writes: Despite Apple's Leopard being only weeks away from release, Adobe has come out and said that Photoshop, Illustrator and other Creative Suite 3 programs have not been fully tested with the latest version of Apple's operating system. This could lead to huge compatibility issues for the large audience of Mac users who rely on Adobe's products. "CS3 hasn't fully been tested under Leopard," Adobe Chief Executive Bruce Chizen told Reuters in an interview. "If it doesn't work, we will make the necessary adjustments."

Submission + - Voyager 2 30 years (

Mick Ohrberg writes: "The Voyager 2 spacecraft (part of the ongoing Voyager Mission) today celebrates 30 years of faithful service, by far surpassing the 4 years that was its inteded lifespan. Voyager 2 is today 7.8 billion miles from the sun, placing it almost as far out as the heliopause. At the speed of light that's about 12 hours away, and it's clocking about 1 million miles per day. Voyager 1, launched a couple of weeks after Voyager 2, is at 9.7 billion miles from the sun the farthest man-made object. So when are we going to get around to sending up Voyager 6?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Replacing atime With relatime in the Kernel (

eldavojohn writes: "Our friend Jeremy at the Kernal Trap has has dug up some interesting criticism of atime from god himself, Linus Torvalds. As Linus submitted patches to improve relatime he noted: "I cannot over-emphasize how much of a deal it is in practice. Atime updates are by far the biggest IO performance deficiency that Linux has today. Getting rid of atime updates would give us more everyday Linux performance than all the pagecache speedups of the past 10 years, _combined_." And later severely beat atime about the head with a pointed stick: "It's also perhaps the most stupid Unix design idea of all times. Unix is really nice and well done, but think about this a bit: 'For every file that is read from the disk, lets do a ... write to the disk! And, for every file that is already cached and which we read from the cache ... do a write to the disk!" Well, I guess I can expect my Linux machine to become a little bit faster!"

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