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Comment Re:So, when did subscriptions become traditional? (Score 1) 389

I've reached level 29 now after some relatively hard core sessions with only 2 days EGA. But I'm starting to see the variation as I have 3 of the full 5 companions available to each class now. So some people have droids, some have various alien races and some have human females/males. It does start to change as peoples preferences change.

From a story point of view, you could certainly play 2 of a class but you could do that with the 2 variations via the advanced classes that are available as your primary story is based on the initial 4 choice selection. That means you could play a Sith Juggernaut as a goody two-shoes and then a Sith Marauder as an evil bastard. The choices really do affect the quests in a way I've never experienced before in an MMO and I love that.

A completionist alt-lover may get through all the variations, but for me, 1-2 classes is all I ever bother with as I focus on one normally but I want to experience some of the differences, just the way every quest giver addresses Sith differently to bounty hunters or imperial agents is a lovely touch.

Comment Re:Muslims (Score 1) 515

You are missing the obvious answer which is to simple ban religion and all the stupid my god is better than your god crap... Although, it may just become my football team is better than your football team, although the St.Louis Rams Crusades probably wouldn't get off the ground!

Comment Re:fuck the usa (Score 1) 804

As an Englishman do you even read what you write and imagine how it sounds? You (USA) demanded a foreign national be handed over from a sovereign nation because you wanted to charge him and do any other stuff you can think of because you say so? Any government around the world should tell you to shut up and come back with something more substantial.

Seriously... Your America FUCK YEAH attitude reeks from the post. You have no right to destroy another nations government because terrorists attacked you. If 8 English guys had carried it out would you be in my town, tearing down my government because we "allowed it" to happen?

The world is a shit place to be sometimes, but America's actions in foreign nations are disgusting. The 3000 odd people didn't need to die, but America's response means I don't give a shit about what happened because what you have done is far far worse, including crippling your own economy with the costs of fighting. I think 80 something English people died (notice how I don't even know the number... because its a tiny number compared to say, cancer or road accidents) and the fact that we have been at war as your lap dogs for all these years is a total disgrace...

I don't mean this to be overly hostile to you directly, but more to your attitude that you had any right to respond in the way you have in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Comment Hardcore Mode (Score 1) 384

I don't know about other people, but this really doesn't phase me at all for two primary reasons:

It existed in D2 as a very shady underground, much rather it was supported properly if I was ever to want to sell anything. But mainly, they have specifically stated it won't be active in Hardcore mode, and to be honest, that's the only mode that matters to me and my friends. We will rush the original game to completion in order to start the Hardcore characters (if it behaves like D2 did pre-expac/patches) and then play the REAL game where the challenge is. I still have active games of D2 now, and am looking forward to D3, nothing I have seen yet puts me off.

My singular gripe with it is 4 players max in co-op, that will mean my friends and I will have to run multiple games instead of playing all together like before, which is sad.

Comment Re:What happens (Score 2) 197

These kind of things can only go one way. If people are forced to submit to iris scans on whim, how long before they become common practice to be scanned on entering public buildings, then private companies would latch on to the idea for staff checking, time clocking (a great love of many industries) next thing you know you are tracked around the city.

I know I am probably exagerating a little, but there's no good that can come from this. Living in the UK sometimes I dream that we had a beautiful document like the consitution that you have over in the USA, but it pains me to see a well crafted protector of the people being completely ignored on a daily basis. This TSA stuff, police filming, etc what the hell happened to the country where anyone could achieve anything through free enterprise. In the next couple of generations America is going to change a lot, and currently I don't see many good things in the pipeline. When I was a teen I used to think America was this super cool place I wanted to go to someday, now I don't want to fly there because I have a urostomy and I don't want to be felt up by some TSA agent etc. You've changed America and not in a cool fun way, in a scary as WTF is going on kinda way...

Comment Re:public safety (Score 1) 457

And people who felt this wasn't good enough security wouldn't fly. Then someone would start up an airline, maybe at first running one route per day on someone else s planes, and they would scan everyone or whatever, and all those that cared about security would use them, then the other people would catch on maybe some people want this, then you'd have high and low security flights as a choice to meet the markets desires. I personally would choose to fly on a low to medium security flight, I don't mind a no knives rule but I'd like to be able to take a drink on board.

Comment Re:Implicated? Yeah, and then what. (Score 1) 281

I am totally fine with you killing yourself any way you want, I am a firm believer in personal responsibility and choice provided your actions do not harm others blah blah blah (you know the spiel)

What I am not fine with is as an Englishman I pay taxes into a public healthcare system, this guarantees when you keel over from some smoking related illness if you are fortunate enough to live in this decrepit countries economy rather than wherever you hail from you will be rushed to hospital at no charge, and made better as to the best of their abilities, at no charge, and then are able to keep smoking happily.

Now in a society of 2 people, I just paid for half of your health care, assuming all tax contributions between us were even. Why should I pay for half of your choice?

So yes, kill yourself with smoke, kill yourself with heroin, kill yourself with a gun to the head, I don't care. But I firmly believe that people who smoke should automatically "opt-out" of the NHS and be expected to buy their own health insurance, and if they don't have insurance I am fine with them being left alone.

Oh and if something else gets you, that honestly has nothing to do with your smoking, tough titties, consider it a risk of your habit.

p.s. This isn't directed personally at you, sub any "you" with "Smokers in general"

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