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Comment Re:'Music' is not just recordings. (Score 1) 182

The fact that somebody is allowed (part of the time) to 'choose' which recordings of music (out of a catalog of the recordings that are made available) isn't that freeing.

Compared to having to listen to what the DJ is paid to pay?

Compared to the limited selection of what I can afford to buy?

Sure it is.

Maybe you need to upgrade from the "free" tier of you music service.

Comment Re:Waiting on Comcast to get its act together (Score 1) 595

As a result of reading this thread I opened a browser window, connected to, and took a look at the network traffic. Lo and behold it was ipv6!

Then, at the (Windows/DOS) command line:

C:\Users\Roger>ping -6

Pinging [2607:f8b0:4005:802::1006] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from 2607:f8b0:4005:802::1006: time=21ms
Reply from 2607:f8b0:4005:802::1006: time=13ms

So IPv6 is working for this Comcast customer.

Comment Re:Time for the mega screens (Score 1) 164

The problem may be that the mega screens are (from what I've seen) video quality, and thus crazy expensive.

Nope. The cost of the display itself pales compared next to the cost of the digitizer.

Then same argument, different component: use digitizers with lower resolution to bring the cost down. You don't need smart-phone or Wacom quality for a whiteboard.

Comment Re:Time for the mega screens (Score 1) 164

I'm waiting for whiteboard sized touch screens to make their appearance. I know Microsoft was working on this a couple of years back.

No you aren't. You're waiting for them to come down from astronomical prices. You can get them now.

The problem may be that the mega screens are (from what I've seen) video quality, and thus crazy expensive. What's needed for simple whiteboarding, with the equivalent of dry erase "markers" for drawing, could be much lower in resolution and be limited to 256 colors. I really just want to be able to do what I can on a real whiteboard: draw some flow charts and diagrams, write text visible across the room and erase what needs to be changed.

Bonus for the digital version would be some straightforward copy/pasting (ie, move part of a diagram to a different place on the board), recording, and, of course, the remote collaboration aspect. (Any solution that involves a camera aimed at a real whiteboard is going to fail the "remote collaboration" aspect.)

In short, the video and audio conferencing stuff has already been solved, as has document sharing. So let that run in parallel on different systems and just solve the shared whiteboard problem.

Comment Re:Messaging problem hiding as a whiteboard proble (Score 1) 164

That's why no digital whiteboard will ever beat the real thing

I don't see any reasonable person claiming this. But if your team could use a quick session with another team that's 1000+ miles away, having a functional shared whiteboard is better than 1) taking three days for one team to fly back and forth, or, 2) not meeting at all because there's no point unless they can see the other team's facial tics.

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