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Comment Minutes from the Meeting (Score 5, Funny) 137

Amber Rudd: We need you to do more to combat extremists. How about you use some of those tools from CSI? And also give us back doors into your services.
Google: Sure, no problem
Facebook: OK
Twitter: What ever you say
MS: Why not

outside the meeting

Google: So you guys going to do anything?
MS: haha, fuck that.
Twitter: Yeh. Stupid cow, what the fuck was she talking about?
Facebook: Pub?

Comment Re:"We're" loosing it? (Score 1) 444

Its not a crazy idea that there is paedophilia and that it might include some people in power . What is crazy is that its a global conspiracy led by the Vatican and driven by Satanic Worship. If you read the sites referenced in the article I can guarantee that is where they will lead you (although you probably knew that).

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