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Comment Re:Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 1) 103

I can't speak for the OP, but as I just posted above - a £35 (sale price, but on sale often) Amazon Fire Tablet does everything any other tablet can do. And if it doesn't, you can side load the google app store. My wife certainly hasn't found anything missing.

If someone wants to pay 10x the price for a slightly nicer screen then good on them, but I can't see the value for a 7 inch picture.

Comment Re:Honest question: what is the best... (Score 0) 103

I came to say something similar. I bought my missus a £35 Amazon Fire Tablet for Christmas. It does everything she needs. If I were to buy a tablet again I'd feel a right chump if I spent more than £35 without a very good reason (or maybe the extra £10 to remove ads from the lock screen - although on the other hand, who cares since after 10 minutes the brain just ignores them).

We haven't even side loaded the google app store yet (which isn't hard) as she's happy enough with the browser and using Calibre to load our e-books into Kindle.

She certainly can't tell the difference between that and our old £200 Nexus 7.

Comment Re:Neuromancer (Score 1) 542

Maybe they can work out a good ending for it. I thought the Baroque Cycle was much better - even with the boring bits. Anathem would make an interesting movie. In fact any of his books except the one they've picked (not that it was awful, I still read it, but it was a pretty dull idea which didn't even have a good ending)

Comment Re:They could save it (Score 1) 542

But for gods sake just make more Karl Urban Dread movies. People skipped an amazing action movie because of what they did to it in the 90s.

^^^^This. Although I'd much rather see a TV series. Dredd, like Robocop, isn't best as the main protagonist - he's best as a hook or kind of anti-hero which they can build stories around. Basically as it works in the comic.

Comment Also only wear Nike shoes... (Score 5, Funny) 281

Here's some more tips to improve your career chances -

  - don't forget to learn all about football so you can fit in round the water cooler.
  - it doesn't hurt if you can at least pretend to like the same cookie cutter women as everyone else so you can join in the wolf whistles
  - on social occasions only drink branded beers. A whisky chaser is OK, but cocktails are definitely out
  - acceptable hobbies are 5 a side football, jogging and perhaps martial arts (but nothing obscure - stick to karate or kick boxing)
  - only wimps do lunch. A sandwich at your desk is ok
  - remember to always put down work colleagues, especially if the boss is around
  - the boss is always right and will respect you telling him so

Comment If I had mod points... (Score 2) 334

I'd mod you up if I had points.

To put it another way, Uber are a taxi company, but its the pretence that they are a ride sharing app that is supposed to make all their bad business practices look like a disruptive technology instead. If it was a ride sharing app then any monetary exchange would be a private matter between driver and passanger and not something fixed by Uber.

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