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Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 280

>> Because you can't recharge an electric car?

Because where I work, there's already competition and dick-waggling ("well, I'm a DIRECTOR") among the five electric car owners to score the four available electric spots.

I've got kids and meetings and places to be. I don't have the time or patience for the hassle of fighting for a spot and babysitting my car, so my entry into the fully electric car market will probably have to wait until recharging is as convenient as the five minutes a week I spend refueling my (somewhat fuel efficient) gas-powered car.

Comment Sell sell sell (Score 2) 78

Cook: Hey, I've got a great idea: let's give up our overwhelming and unique advantage in selling premium phone and computer hardware and become one of the dozens of interchangable players making visual content.
Ghost of Jobs: Fuck you Cook! Are you trying to piss on my legacy?
Cook: Did someone else feel a breeze? Anyway, whadya think?
Exec 2: Well...
Cook: You're fired. Anyone else?
Ghost of Jobs: Resign you hack! We're a hardware company! That's why I picked you, Mr. Hardware, to run it!
Cook: Someone get this heating system fixed on Monday. OK, now where were we.
Exec 3: TV shows.
Cook: Yes, we're gonna do sitcoms, and reality shows, and soap operas...

Comment Re:Govt wants free money (Score 2) 159

>> In the UK (and most of Europe) for example, all price cuts must be advertised as being cut from a different price that you have sold the item at for a continuous 30 day period.

In parts of the US, this is illegal. For example, there's a California law on this:

Comment Re:Congratulations - you invented the WWW (Score 1) 69

Nah - I'm older than that. I'd have used the punchline of "...and then I invented ISPF!" but most of you wouldn't get it. Thanks anyway for the comic reference - I never saw that one but I suppose that guy's illustrated just about all the good IT jokes by now.

Now GTFO my lawn.

Comment I already simplify it for my kids (Score 5, Informative) 95

1) Anything you post online will be there forever
2) Always lie about your age, use a fake name, and never provide a real address
3) Don't post nude pics
4) Don't post anything racist, etc.
5) Don't post anything illegal, etc.
6) At any time, I can haz your phone/computer/account and I may burn your devices and your online profiles down to the waterline if I don't like what I see

Comment Re:All those snarky comments about Trump - how fun (Score 2) 135

>> (Nightfall is) an amazing story. I thought I had read everything by Asimov, but I somehow missed that one.

Happy you found it, but how did you miss that story if you've read so much else by Asimov?
"In 1968, the Science Fiction Writers of America voted Nightfall the best science-fiction short story written prior to the 1965 establishment of the Nebula Awards..."
and some would say it launched Asimov's full time career.

Comment Re:Coal IS a renewable fuel (Score 5, Funny) 117

>> Unless we wipe out all the fungi, large scale coal formation is unlikely to recur.

Well, now that we know what to do, we just need the plan and the willpower to execute it. How about:
1) We'll build a WALL to keep the fungi out of America
2) We'll DEPORT any fungi still left in America
3) We'll make any country still producing fungi PAY FOR OUR DAMN WALL
4) America is great again

Now, who's with me?

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