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Comment Barrier to Entry Much? (Score 1) 90

>> Space Can Be the New Internet

Um...the thing that makes the Internet the Internet is that anyone with $100 or a computer can contribute something new, whether open source, artwork or, for a little more investment, hardware. Space has a significant barrier to entry that will keep the vast majority of

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 259

>> clever modular design

I disagree. Parents will hate it because kids will keep losing those damn controllers. Meanwhile gaming adults will hate the controllers because they have sharp edges that dig into their hands. And it there are any metal contacts (in the docking station, between controllers and pad, etc.) then everyone will hate it because they'll do nothing but wear out and get gummed up. (Remember the original consoles and blowing on the cartridges? Now add Cheetos-stained fingers if the contacts are on the controllers.)


Comment Re:It's really just a man behind the curtain. (Score 1) 121

Lest we forget:

These days, there already are "intelligent" systems like COMPAS that help determine how quick murderers are released or how many years that bag of rock will cost, and other sentences, based on a hidden algorithm. From a related story: "defendants can't challenge the reports' accuracy because Northpointe considers its methodology a trade secret"

Comment Still happy with my $200 Windows 8 tablet (Score 1) 49

Lenovo briefly made something called the "Miix 2" that was Windows 8 + Office + 8-inch touchscreen with a few hours of battery life on an Intel processor platform. I bought one on clearance for $200 and it's still a great platform to play Civ 5, look at Office docs and browse the web.

Comment Re:OMG! Buzzfeed isn't a bastion of real news? (Score 2) 27

>> Right now, the front page of Buzzfeed includes such insightful articles as "23 Study Superstitions That Helped People Pass Exams",

Have you been to Yahoo News lately? Or the Chicago Sun Times?

Today, it seems almost all news sites are headed down the pop-culture/listicle/X-weird-tricks toilet.

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