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Comment Like any mountain range (Score 1) 265

If you think of asteroids as widely scattered mountains scattered through the solar system, they are going to vary as mountains do on Earth. Most are heaps of ordinary rock and ice. Some have more minerals, some less. A very few might have a lot of resources. But even the richest asteroid is very hard to get to compared to any mountain on Earth.

Comment Compromise (Score 2) 462

An uncle of mine told me about his first meeting with my great-grandfather, decades ago. He noticed all the clocks in the old man's house were off, by exactly half an hour, so he asked about it. "You know what they have in this country?" Grandad asked, sucking his pipe. "Daylight time! I don't agree with it, but I will meet anybody half way."

Comment Re:NRHP (Score 1) 255

The Old American Legation in Morocco is actually not an active embassy. It is not American soil but it is still listed on the NRHP. The Apollo sites on the Moon are also not American soil, obviously, but they are of great historic and cultural importance to the United States.


Moscow Police Watch Pre-Recorded Scenes On Surveillance Cams 114

An anonymous reader writes "During several months of 2009, Moscow police looked at fake pictures displayed on their monitors instead of what was supposed to be video from the city surveillance cams. The subcontractor providing the cams was paid on the basis of 'the number of working cams,' so he delivered pre-cooked pictures stored on his servers. The camera company CEO has been arrested."

Submission + - Water vapour found on exoplanet (

TallDarkMan writes: "We're getting quite a collection of planets (we know about) outside our solar system, and we can add another one that has water! From the article:

Astronomers have found water vapour in the atmosphere of a giant planet outside our Solar System. The detection in the extrasolar planet HD 189733b was made using Nasa's powerful Spitzer Space Telescope and is reported in the journal Nature. — It is only the second time water has been detected on an exoplanet.

United States

Journal Journal: How mail (and phone calls) work in the Senate

Please note that each Senate office will handle mail slightly different, however this post is general enough that it should apply most everywhere.

I will only be talking about mail from constituents, meaning people who are writing their duly elected representatives, and not someone else's. (See journal post of do's and don't of contacting your senator.)

Also please know that there is a delay in your mail reaching your Senator (it's about 3 days right now).


Submission + - How Microsoft fights off 100,000 attacks per month

jcatcw writes: Microsoft's IT department says it's the target of more than 100,000 intrusion attempts per month. With lots of employees and contractors needing access through the VPN, Microsoft's defenses include: two-factor authentication using smart cards; scanning of computers for approved operating system, enabled firewalls, and up-to-date patches, which can be installed but slow the VPN sign-in process to 5, or even 15, minutes; Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) with EAP-TLS; and access to e-mail, IM and Sharepoint site without needing the VPN.

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