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Comment After bug reports (Score 1) 218

After bug reports that the UI hung in certain situations, I checked the code. The algorithm was supposed to be a simple "is there a path between A and B", Unfortunately the original author did "count the paths between A and B", which for complex enough data, was taking hours.

Comment Re:Warranty (Score 3, Interesting) 189

I bought another car recently, and the finance guy was giving me a line of bull, saying I had to buy their fucking maintenance package or my warranty would be void immediately.

I made that mistake once. And by mistake, I mean that I bought the car after getting a line of bull from the finance guy. Now, if I get a line of bull from the finance person, I don't buy the car from that dealer. I also make sure the sales person knows why they just lost a commission.

Comment Original article I read on the subject (Score 3, Informative) 228

Living in Wisconsin, I remembered reading about this last month. Here's the article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

They rely on cookies to limit the number of articles that you read. Unlike similar sites, they don't block you if you block cookies.

Comment Re:And soon it won't be (Score 1) 401

Since future and past tense clearly matter to no one anymore, lets see how ridiculous you sound with a different example:

In the past, dunkindave posted a reply to let me know that my particular concern was already dealt with by Apple, his response just wasn't condescending like this one.

In the future, when you provide a different example, it should really be about cars.

Comment Re:And soon it won't be (Score 1) 401

A normal update does require you to unlock the phone to accept the update. They're talking about leveraging recovery mode which can be used to force load an image onto a phone that might be otherwise unusable. See here -

Yes. That's the exact Apple support page that worries me. It says "iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data." Updating iOS in this way needs to either require my passcode or erase my data. I expect that it will in a future version version of hardware (because only doing it in software isn't enough).

Comment And soon it won't be (Score 5, Interesting) 401

When I read exactly what the FBI was asking Apple to do, I realized that there was a back door, and that Apple will most likely be doing what they can to close this back door in a future iPhone release.

If I were Apple, I'd make sure a future release gave the user the option of only allowing firmware updates after the user logged in. This doesn't have to be required for every iPhone (corporations might want this disabled on iPhones they purchase for their employees), but it should at least be an option.

Comment Good, the media can still inform families of death (Score 1) 257

About 8 years ago, one of our local (Milwaukee) TV anchors called the wife of a man who was killed earlier in the day. Unfortunately, no one at the TV station (TMJ4) made sure that the police had already told her. Even worse, the TV station defended her actions and she still works there.

I'm glad this bill wouldn't prevent that sort of thing from happening again; mostly because if she would ever interview me unannounced, the first words out of my mouth are going to be, "Oh god, my wife was killed, wasn't she."

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