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Submission + - Dart Is Not the Language You Think It Is

An anonymous reader writes: Seth Ladd has an excellent write-up of Dart "When Dart was originally launched, many developers mistook it for some sort of Java clone. In truth, Dart is inspired by a range of languages such as Smalltalk, Strongtalk, Erlang, C#, and JavaScript. Get past the semicolons and curly braces, and you’ll see a terse language without ceremony. "

Submission + - Transporting a 15-m, 600-ton Magnet Cross Country

necro81 writes: Although its Tevatron particle accelerator has gone dark, Fermi Laboratory outside Chicago is still doing physics. A new experiment, called muon g-2 will investigate quantum mechanical behavior of the electron's heavier sibling: the muon. Fermi needs a large ring chamber to store the muons it produces and investigates, and it just so happens that Brookhaven National Laboratory outside NYC has one to spare. But how do you transport a delicate, 15-m diameter, 600-ton superconducting magnet halfway across the country? Very carefully.

Submission + - Weezer Tune Used To Knock Out Implanted Defibrillators (

chicksdaddy writes: Listening to Weezer could kill you. Literally. That’s the conclusion of an unusual experiment by university researchers who used a snippet from the 90s alternative rock band’s “Island in the Sun” as the basis for EMI (electromagnetic interference) attacks designed to overwhelm implanted heart defibrillators or even trick them into firing. (No. Seriously.) According to The Security Ledger, the Weezer-based attack is described in a paper ( presented on Monday at The Annual IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in Oakland, California. In it, the researchers describe EMI attacks on analog sensors used in implanted hear defibrillators by Medtronic, Boston Scientific and St. Jude. In tests, the researchers showed that – under ideal circumstances (that is: open air) – electromagnetic impulses could disrupt the ability of the device to accurately operation of the device, and even prompt it to induce defibrillation shocks from a distance of one- to two meters. However, the effectiveness of EMI attacks was reduced drastically under conditions that simulate implantation in the human body, where attack ranges were reduced to between 3-5cm. Still, researchers have proposed more shielding features for implantable defib devices and features to filter out EMI based attacks designed to mimic heart attacks.

Submission + - Obama's EPA Makes A Rad Decision ( 1

QuantumPion writes: The Environmental Protection Agency released draft guidelines last month that could significantly relax radiation hazard standards in the case of a radiological event in the United States by using risk-based decisions.

“Think of it this way. The situations covered by these new guidelines are similar to someone dying of thirst who has the chance to drink fresh water having 2,000 pCi per gallon of radium in it. While the safe drinking water levels are 20 pCi/gal for Ra, 2,000 pCi/gal is of no threat, especially if you’re going to die from imminent dehydration. Of course, a bag of potato chips has 3,500 picocuries, so go figure.”

Submission + - Hypervisor or Bare Metal 1

Hunabka writes: I’ve been tasked to re-provision old hardware for an off-site file server. The machine has 2X Xeon E5440 CPUs, 12GB of memory, and 7 Disk Raid 5 with 1 Hot Spare, no warranty. This client does not have any IT staff at the remote location, any hardware issues will require additional cost for support. The plan is to install Server 2012 and enable DFS for the remote office file storage.

My question is: Do I install Server 2012 on the Bare Metal or install a hypervisor (VMware ESXi) Then 2012? Other options or ideas?

Problems with VMware: Our monitoring agent does not support ESXi and it does not look like the ESXi (Free version) supports SNMP monitoring. Although I do get hardware status just no emailing of errors.

Problems with Bare Metal: If anything does go wrong and on-site visit will require physical support staff.

Comment And in other news (Score 2, Funny) 376

after six months of Hadopi law every know French IP address has dropped off the Internet. Official are confused and worried some speculating that the entire country of France may have been stolen by aliens. Others argue that they all just found something better to do, a little wine, some bread, a pretty girl...

Comment If the teachers and Unions want hire pay (Score 1) 629

They need to agree to eliminating tenure and quit fighting the firing of incompetent teachers (LAUSD officials spent $3.5 million in the last 10 years "trying to fire just seven of the district's 33,000 teachers for poor classroom performance). I spent 4 years in a California high school and other then the best math and science teacher ever the entire experience was a waste of time. We had a drunk, a women who chewed, a commie who promoted drug use, a wannabe jock coach who could not teach his way out of a paper bag, an English teacher who was extra friendly to the jocks (ya I was jealous), a spanish teach with no classroom skills at all and on and on. They struck twice while I was attending and we really didn't notice the difference between them and the subs!

We home school and yes I'm posting Anonymously, I've been told by several "teachers" that home schooling should be a criminal act!!

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