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Submission + - Improving the PC as a gaming platform: the hardware (techreport.com)

JohnnyBigodes writes: "PC gaming still has a few warts, and lack the ease-of-use of consoles, first and foremost when it comes to buying the hardware. And as they say, recognizing and admitting a problem is the first step in solving it. So here are some ideas for improving the platform, ranging from having revival of the 90s-era MPC specification, to better model numbering on behalf of manufacturers.
What does the Slashdot crowd think?"


Submission + - Budget graphics cards: $100 buys you good stuff! (techreport.com)

JohnnyBigodes writes: Just how much money should you spend on a graphics card? The latest models for under 100 bucks might surprise you with their potency, both in games and HD video playback. The Tech Report has lined up eight cards, ranging from $60 to $170, to see where the values are. Among the new highlights on this price range are the Radeon 4670, and the GeForce 9600 GSO and 9500GT. Spoiler: yes, nowadays you *can* get away with spending $100 on your graphics card and get really good performance out of it.

Submission + - Intel Atom / VIA Nano - Compared & benched (techreport.com) 1

JohnnyBigodes writes: With the current age's increasing focus in low-power, good-enough-performance architectures, the Tech Report takes a good look at Intel's Atom and VIA's Nano architectures and test platforms (mobo+CPU), detailing their intents and purposes, making comparisons, and providing performance and power draw benchmarks along the way. The skinny? Low-power desktops are here to stay.

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