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Submission + - Where minimum-FPS figures mislead, frame-time analysis shines (

JohnnyBigodes writes: Graphics card and CPU reviewers have a long history of relying on average-FPS and minimum-FPS numbers. While those measures are useful, they don't paint an exact picture, since that game hitches and inconsistent performance can be masked by them. Frame-time analysis started becoming commonplace a while ago, and reviewers are coming up with new ways to show where and how a given system feels smoother and faster than another one, despite showing the same average FPS. The folks at The Tech Report are improving on frame-time methods with histogram graphs for frame rates, and the results are interesting. Check'em out.

Submission + - Improving the PC as a gaming platform: the hardware (

JohnnyBigodes writes: "PC gaming still has a few warts, and lack the ease-of-use of consoles, first and foremost when it comes to buying the hardware. And as they say, recognizing and admitting a problem is the first step in solving it. So here are some ideas for improving the platform, ranging from having revival of the 90s-era MPC specification, to better model numbering on behalf of manufacturers.
What does the Slashdot crowd think?"

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