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Comment DOWS: Depends On Workload, Stupid! (Score 1) 97

Most laptops will last about what the manufacturer advertises, while using it in the manner disclosed by the manufacturer. For example Apple quotes their battery time while watching video on medium brightness. If you do that, you'll be close to the times Apple says you will be able to reach. If you're running Java applications or gaming on high quality settings, don't complain that your battery life is less than quoted by the manufacturer!

Submission + - Phone calls on Android "small priority" according to Google

JohnConnor writes: Nexus 4 users can not reliably make phone calls, as the device works for one call only after each reboot. Google has yet failed to acknowledge the problem, who is still in triage and has been assigne the priority "small". The problem seems to be affecting stock Android 5.0.1 as well as the latest release of Cyanogenmod based on KitKat. The issue is present since at least October 24th when it was first reported. Let's hope that all the 911 calls that are not being made on Nexus 4 phones right now due to this bug are all "small priority".

Comment Bury the lede (Score 1) 107

That's funny. I had not read the linked story and up to this point I had assumed that it was Microsoft that was paying $400M. What kind of a deal is that? Microsoft is getting a lot of publicity, telecast rights and video game content with a lot more money that a few thousand tablets should cost. Not to mention that their "market share" will seem to go up with this deal, which I'm sure they're desperate for at the moment.


Submission + - Google Backs down on Maps redirect (

Dupple writes: A few days ago Google blocked access to it's maps on WinPhone claiming that it "worked best" on WebKit based browsers — effectively excluding WinPhone users. Despite Google Maps working fine on Desktop versions of IE that uses the same rendering engine and users being able to spoof the user agent string on their WinPhones to gain access.

Now it appears that Google has backed down and is now allowing WinPhone users access.


Submission + - Captain Kirk tweeting to space (

JohnConnor writes: William Shatner and real life Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield have been having a conversation via twitter while one of them was in space (I'm not saying which one, as I don't want to spoil the surprise). It seems that Captain Kirk is impressed by real space work. Or it could be that he is impressed by Hadfield, who is quite a remarkable guy... Of course the Canadian Space Agency couldn't pass up this opportunity for excellent PR and invited Shatner to visit its headquarters and talk live with the astronaut.
Open Source

Submission + - Free Software NVIDIA driver now supports 3D acceleration with all GeForce GPUs ( 2

aloniv writes: The reverse-engineered free/libre and open source driver for NVIDIA cards Nouveau has reached a new milestone. The Nouveau driver in the current Linux 3.8 development branch has recently acquired everything that's necessary to support the 3D acceleration features of any GeForce graphics hardware. Together with a current version of libdrm and the Nouveau 3D driver in Mesa 3D 9.0, this allows Linux applications to use 3D acceleration even with the most recent GeForce graphics cards.

Submission + - World's Largest Public Hacker Database (

An anonymous reader writes: The SOLDIERX HDB is the world’s largest public hacker database on the net and is rumored to be rivaled only by the FBI’s hacker database. Their hacker database contains a list of programmers, developers, black hats, white hats, security researchers, fake ethical hackers, hacktivists, packet kiddies, click kiddies, script kiddies, security professionals, heroes of computer revolution (Hello Steven Levy), hardware hackers, ch1xors (oh yes! although some people believe that they are non-existent), game hackers, and those who have embraced and embodied the hacker culture. Most entries (although not all) in the HDB can be considered hackers in accordance to Steven Levy’s description of hacker ethics and principles.

Submission + - Microsoft's 'Fix it' Tool for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 Flaw Bypassed ( 1

hypnosec writes: Security researchers have managed to bypass the recently released “Fix it” tool by Microsoft meant to patch vulnerabilities in old Internet Explorer browsers. Researchers over at Exodus Intelligence said on Friday that they have found a way to bypass the “Fix it” by revere engineering the tool. The timing for the announcement couldn’t have been worse as Microsoft has already announced about next Patch Tuesday through its advance notification. It is all the more surprising as this particular bulletin didn’t have any information about the latest IE flaw.

Comment The future of Supercomputing? (Score 1) 1

The popularity of these GPUs baffles me. They are hard to program and very limited in what they can do, not to mention the horrible transfers to main memory, yet because there is no other foreseeable technology coming in the next 5 years or so they are becoming the standard for massively parallel programming on a budget. Any university and its dog has GPU projects, with wild performance claims, usually measuring a code they spend years optimizing for the GPU against the original code running un-optimized on one CPU thread. Yet in the real world there are very few applications of the GPU. The memory transfer bottleneck amplifies Amdahl's law. I work in an mission-critical supercomputing center and it will be years before we adopt the GPUs because of the manpower required to convert existing code, the uncertainty of the future of the technology, the quasi vendor lock-in situation that we have now with NVidia, and the fact that vendor support is not yet where it should be. Yet I am watching this technology being slowly adopted by everyone for lack of a better alternative. Thinking about it, it is pretty sad times that we live in term of supercomuting. Don't believe me? Ask the vendors what exciting new technology they have coming. They don't have any.


Submission + - Nvidia launches fastest "parallel processor" ( 1

angry tapir writes: "Nvidia has announced the Tesla M2090 graphics processor, which the company calls the world's fastest "parallel processor" for high-performance computing. The M2090 is a graphics processing unit that has 512 cores and is able to perform specific math and scientific calculations up to 30 percent faster than its predecessor, the Tesla M2070 GPU, which has 448 cores. The M2090 can deliver peak performance of around 1330 gigaflops, according to the company."

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