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Submission + - EOMA68 Modular Eco-Computing Project launches on Crowd Supply ( 6

lkcl writes: An ambitious project running for the past five years to create eco-conscious cost-saving user-upgradeable computing appliances has just launched on Crowd Supply, with a 15.6in laptop housing and micro-desktop housing, with the first Computer Card in the series using an ultra-low-power Allwinner A20 Dual-Core ARM processor. Two main OSes are currently available: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre which is FSF-Endorsed: RYF Certification is being applied for, and Debian GNU/Linux is also available. The sponsors of the laptop housing — Thinkpenguin — have more about the privacy issues at their blog, Liliputing has an article, and Freedom's Phoenix Radio has a live interview with Ernest Hancock.

Comment Re:Download Manager (Score 2) 181

I don't understand why Mozilla never just worked with the author of Download Statusbar to integrate it. That extension has been one of the most popular addons since it was released in 2004. In fact, the addons site show it is currently the 7th most-used plugin with 1,930,345 current users.

The license of Download Statusbar isn't compatible with Firefox's license. From the add-on page:

Source Code License
Custom License

Copyright 2011 Enzymatic Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Open Source

Submission + - Free Software NVIDIA driver now supports 3D acceleration with all GeForce GPUs ( 2

aloniv writes: The reverse-engineered free/libre and open source driver for NVIDIA cards Nouveau has reached a new milestone. The Nouveau driver in the current Linux 3.8 development branch has recently acquired everything that's necessary to support the 3D acceleration features of any GeForce graphics hardware. Together with a current version of libdrm and the Nouveau 3D driver in Mesa 3D 9.0, this allows Linux applications to use 3D acceleration even with the most recent GeForce graphics cards.

Comment ThinkPenguin is the answer (Score 4, Informative) 310

ThinkPenguin is one of only a few OEMs that sell hardware that is fully supported by free (as in freedom) drivers (so the hardware will continue to work even after the manufacturer stops supporting it). If you visit then the Trisquel distro (a fully free distro based on Ubuntu without any proprietary software) gets a share of the profits.

Comment Microsoft doesn't want to license DVD DRM (Score 1) 734

From the article:
Microsoft says that Windows 8 will focus primarily on online and downloadable media, and it will support a variety of codecs right out of the box: H.264, VC-1, WMA, MP4, AVI, MPEG-2 TS, ASF, AAC, WAV, M4A, MP3, PCM and Dolby Digital Plus. “These decoders are optimized for system reliability, battery life, and performance, and cover all key playback scenarios for mainstream content” — the company says.

Microsoft still licenses the patent encumbered codecs such as MPEG-2 and H.264. What isn't licensed is the DRM required to playback encrypted DVD discs.

Comment Re:Tech Acadamy of FINLAND!!! (Score 2) 111

Problem is that the FSF/GNU has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that they are incapable of producing a kernel on their own. If Hurd has moved anywhere today, it's thanks to the likes of Debian and Arch, who are doing their own ports. Otherwise, most recently, FSF LA has taken Linux 3.3 and re-branded it 'Libre-Linux' after removing all 'non-free' software. Likely reason for it was Linus making it clear that his kernel is not going to go GPL3, so they decided to fork it to this and make it GPL3, and all the famous FSF distros - Blag, Dynebolic, Trisquel et al will at some point or other be using it, if they don't already.

Speaking of GPL3, it's the reason that organizations which previously didn't have problems w/ GPL2 are now discarding software that has 'upgraded' the license to GPL3 - best example being LLVM/Clang replacing GCC for that reason alone. The 'issue' of software as a service is actually not addressed - even the FSF concedes that it's impossible to address it, even while it thinks of it as an 'issue'.

Linux-libre addresses the problem of non-free firmware (which is incompatible with the GPL license) creeping into the kernel Linux over the years. Linux-libre cannot be relicensed under GPLv3 since Linux is licensed under GPLv2 (without or later) and changing the license to version 3 would require the consent of all the developers (and Torvalds is known to prefer version 2 so it won't happen).

Comment Re:Replace flash now (Score 1) 426

You can replace flash for a couple of big sites right now with FlashVideoReplacer on mozillla. I have been using it for about a week or two now and it's not too bad.

Linterna Mágica is better than FlashVideoReplacer as it works with more browsers (Midori, Epiphany) and supports more websites (e.g. Dailymotion).

Comment Re:ActiveX is non-free (Score 3, Interesting) 165

The difference is that Windows is non-free and chromium-browser is free software. (Google Chrome is chromium-browser plus Flash and a couple other minor non-free bits.)

Actually chromium-browser isn't entirely free software:

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