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Comment Re: Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 626

If you live in Maine, you cannot theoretically have your car searched without a warrant or probable cause. Probably cause needs to be more than just "I want to" or "I think you did something", but in reality it can be many things and is hard (or just exhaustive) to prove wrongdoing on the part of the officer who really had no actual probable cause. Really they aren't supposed to be able to pull you over either without a reasonable suspicion, but that is hard (or just exhaustive) for the same reason.

Comment Constant pre-loads (Score 2) 59

I'm thinking that the browser is constantly guessing what I'm going to try to load and is preemptively loading additional content in the background just in case it's right. It may eventually get the right answer, but more often than not it's probably going to be wrong; I'm just wondering how much additional bandwidth this feature is going to use.

Comment Cue the whiners (Score 2, Insightful) 329

There's about to be way too many comments about how ESPN sucks and cable companies suck and everyone sucks for not giving me what I want. There's about to be not nearly enough comments about shutting up and voting with your dollars. Guess who enables this behavior? People who pay for it. Guess who has an option? People who pay for it. Guess who was never forced to pay for it? People who pay for it.

Aside from all that, Verizon still has to abide by the contracts. It's irrelevant how shitty the contract is for whom or what could be done which is better for consumers.

Comment Re:features hide content (Score 1) 222

This alone is the reason why I still use classic maps. When you zoom in far enough, the lines and labels start to obscure the information int he satellite imagery and, frustratingly, google will not let you turn them off in new maps.

Plus, it's a super huge pain in the ass to draw maps in the new map making tool.

Comment Really? (Score 2, Funny) 437

"One thing I've noticed as a passenger is that the most dangerous-feeling aspect of flying right now seems to be the winding security line itself."

Really? I despise the TSA and the burdensome screening process as much as the next person, and this is far from sympathising, but you honestly mean to say you felt endangered by the screening process? Of all the legitimate dangers you face in your daily life, and you're going to try to convince people that walking through a winding line and submitting to largely no-contact screening makes you fearful? And then you expect people to take you just as seriously after that?

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