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Comment Re:Theory without any empirical data to back it up (Score 1) 283

Samsung purportedly did an intensive engineering review of the design during the first recall and was unable to find the source of the issue, which lead them to incorrectly conclude that it must have been caused by a batch of bad batteries. I have to believe that the theories proposed in this article were well considered by Samsung during that review (if not during the design of the phone as well).

Comment Re:Lock implementation sounds like a simple flag (Score 1) 54

You're right, it's not a data security issue since this only affects whether someone can activate a wiped/stolen phone. However it is a physical security issue because the entire reason for implementing this anti-theft mechanism was to stop thieves from stabbing and shooting people for their expensive iPhones/Android devices.

Comment Lock implementation sounds like a simple flag (Score 4, Insightful) 54

If the lock can be bypassed by crashing the GUI logic that presents the lock then that must mean Apple implemented the lock as a simple flag that triggers a UI view controller, and that once the view controller is dismissed (either normally or by crashing it) the logic doesn't check the flag again thereafter. They should have instead implemented it as something that hashes a critical data structure with the unlock code so that the OS can't run without being unlocked.

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