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Comment Re:Lots of valuable information... (Score 1) 402

I'm suggesting that closing shop and starting a new VPN business is a lot cheaper and easier than starting a new ISP. Both in terms of the administration cost of restarting the business and also the cost of reacquiring your lost customer case. With it being so much cheaper, the risk-reward calculation of a VPN provider selling users' data shifts more to the reward category.

Comment Re:Of course they do (Score 1) 218

Of course those laws existed long before Uber - they were originally passed to limit the supply of taxis by either placing artificial limits on the number taxis (medallions) or by creating licensing schemes to increase the barriers to entry. This scheme is repeated in many markets in the USA - look up the licensing and regulatory requirements for interstate trucking - those approach racketeering. Whenever a politician tells you he's endorsing regulations or licensing requirements for the public good or safety, grab your wallet.

Comment Why Are There No Huge Leaps Forward In CPU power? (Score 5, Insightful) 474

NVIDIA's 2016 Pascal architecture was significantly faster than their previous Maxwell architecture.

"Relative to GTX 980 then, we're looking at an average performance gain of 66% at 1440p, and 71% at 4K. This is a very significant step up for GTX 980 owners,"

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