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Comment Re:Fire Alarms still require POTS (Score 1) 582

We service fire alarms and this is one of our major issues. Property managers try switching to non-POTS lines to save money, which ends up in a fire alarm trouble / service-call because the panel no longer sees the phone lines, which negates any savings on the phone lines immediately. We've been moving panels over to radio monitoring when we can, to work around this.

Comment Re:and why not? (Score 1) 227

Lee Beaumont paid £10 plus VAT to set up his personal 0871 line

Am I missing something, or is "0871 line" something that could be considered common knowledge, especially among the telemarketing industry, to be a premium phone number where the caller will be charged? In the United States there's "1-900" numbers, and it's considered common knowledge that it costs money to call those phone numbers.

Comment DMV Logic (Score 1) 97

One downside is the Oxy-Iso lenses hinder the perception of yellows and blues at the expense of enhancing reds and greens. This is especially problematic for drivers because the eyewear renders yellow lights nearly invisible.

Well damn, I can see red and green better now and I don't see either of those color lights lit, what should I do?!

Comment Fuck you (Score 1) 542

I'm tired of hearing about this competitiveness bullshit. Pay your fucking share of the taxes assholes. The people who you employ in the states and the majority of the people who buy your shit don't get to dodge paying taxes by putting playing musical chairs with office space. This whole corporate tax rate shit is designed to let these cocksuckers do this shit too. It encourages it. It's setup by the same cocksuckers who do it. We need to get rid of corporate income tax altogether. It's a waste of time and resources trying to collect it and actually getting it is nothing more than a pipe dream. I say we do away with income, corporate, and all similar taxes and have a single federal transaction tax.

Comment You're fucking retarded (Score 1) 642

Right, because the guy who's about to suicide bomb a fucking airplane is going to have second thoughts when he discovers that the "infidels" might lauch at him before he gets on the plane. I hope someone sues the shit out of these stupid bastards. All they're doing is keeping the channel that lets terrorists though while adding fuel to the fire by subjecting them to ridicule I might add, as well as making the people that pay their fucking salary more uncomfortable than they already are. Fuck you airports. This type of shit makes me hope the terrorists beat you, if it weren't for the innocent passengers involved.

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