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Submission + - Senators: Too much focus on college degrees

Joe_Dragon writes: lawmakers across the political aisle are in agreement that Washington must help emphasize that jobs training can be just as valuable to young Americans as a college degree.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/ron-johnson-student-loan-college-degree-94327.html#ixzz2ZPilCwY8

The IT field needs more vocational / hands on learning and not CS for IT jobs like desktop / sysadmin jobs. That can take up to 6 years for a 4 year degrees with skill gaps.

Submission + - Digital Domain Pushes "Pay To Work For Free" Model for VFX (wordpress.com)

mark_wilkins writes: The VFX Soldier blog links to a recent talk by the CEO of high-end visual effects company Digital Domain in which he detailed their strategy for seeking funding from the state of Florida to start a school, called the Digital Domain Institute. Their goal is for 30% of Digital Domain's Florida workforce to consist of students paying a tuition that would add up to as much as $105,000 over their course there, working on feature film VFX projects in the hope of getting screen credit and shots for their demo reel that they can parlay into a job... somewhere else. This is presented as a necessary step to keep these jobs from going overseas.

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