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Comment Gonna switch your keyboard to Dvorak now... (Score 1) 388

Great! So you're totally fine if I swap all your QWERTY keyboards for Dvorak ones while you sleep?

Dvorak is clearly a better keyboard layout, so your user experience and productivity are going to be SO MUCH BETTER!

No, no, you don't need to thank me! Just trying to be helpful is all.

Comment Re:Please stop screwing with it syndrome.... (Score 1) 388


Software changing under me for idiotic reasons JUST after I have finished tweaking my workflow exactly the way I want it; is the NUMBER ONE reason I no longer use open-source software for production work at all. Also why I disable very goddamn "auto-update" feature out there...

Comment Re:3d fails about every 10-15 years. (Score 2) 435

??? Not at all.

The Uncanny Valley has mostly to do with nearly perfect visual representations pushing our expectations for other aspects of a given simulation (e.g. body language, facial expressions etc...) beyond what we are able to produce. The discrepancy between the two then exacerbates our perception that "something is off"

The Uncanny Valley is mostly mental/perceptual and has virtually nothing to do with our currently crappy implementation of 3D film/TV. The issues there are mostly physiological (e.g. my stereoscopic convergence says this thing is right in front of my face, but my eyes are focusing on the TV 8ft away, WTF!)

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