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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Repurposing all the old RAM modules?

JoeCommodore writes: "After buying a bunch of Mac Minis, it was not long we needed to upgrade the 512MB (2x256) to the 2GB max, this left lots of 256MB SODIMMs.

These joined with all the 128MB and less PC100, 32MB and less 68Pin DIMMs, which are also some 32-512K RAM sticks from the 680x0 days.

Besides junking them into something other than memory (they have quite nice capacity, could be used for a embedded system?) is there something modern that can employ mixed RAM DIMMs 'in general' or are we just making a whole lot of e-waste with all the proprietary DIMM specs with every new PC that comes out?

Also, in this advanced technology society can't we just standardize memory? (Desktop RAM, laptop RAM, etc.) We've done it with monitors, keyboards, drives and other peripherals."

Submission + - Microsoft Software Update Service More Reliable

JoeCommodore writes: "You gotta love the spin on this one, Information week Reports that Windows update service is more reliable based on the hours of downtime for the servers as compared to and servers. Not about the updates themselves but the service. This is according to a web research firm, pingdom. Apples servers were second because they were doen 2 hours 34 minutes during a three month period and Ubuntu was 5 hours and 34 minutes. No mention on the quality or timeliness of said updates provided."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Browser Wars Wind Down

JoeCommodore writes: "From the pages and on-line editions of Government Computer News comes this 'article' on the upcoming revival of Internet Explorer's popularity — Browser Wars Wind Down talking about how the major competitor, Netscape, is now long gone and that Internet Explorer 7 is now all spiffy and secure — thus the market for Firefox and Safari will soon start to dwindle. This is also taking into account that Mozilla isn't offering any upcoming innovations except plans to reduce the code footprint as well as increase it's operational speed.

Just seemed really out of place for the GCN I've read for over a decade, I noticed a lot less unbiased content — with the magazine now under 1105 Media's helm. case in point — along with that article was another story strategically titled: Library of Congress Taps Silverlight to Enhance Access. Maybe it's time to thin out my freebie magazine subscriptions."

Submission + - Microsoft Shows off Ad Prototypes

JoeCommodore writes: "This is probably the most disturbing article I've come across it just seems so wrong to me on so many levels. It's a an article titled Microsoft Shows Off Ad Prototypes, to me it feels like the small start of an upcoming ad tsunami from all Microsoft originated content.

I'm trying to come up with a good analogy but the best is: it's like your OS/Office manufacturer started taking in/looking for major advertising revenue. Of course the article states web/on-line video oriented ads, but big money is money and some companies would rather want to advertise direct to the desktop or while you work.

What do you guys think? Ads revenue by your OS Company is OK or that they are jumping the shark here from making software solutions."
Data Storage

Submission + - Too Much Data! - What's Your Strategy?

JoeCommodore writes: "I work for a small non-profit and do a lot of everything. As I work converting 15 years of independent desktops into a more centalized (manageable) system I find we have LOTS of data. and we are getting MBs a day it seems now.

Part of the issue is that we are a information referral and advocacy org., so we collect a lot of data, do newsletters, flyers, training materials, etc. We have lots of photos, clip art and PDFs all over the place. With the advent of web browsing and email it just gets worse now, insead of just what we produce we get copies of what our peers produce as well.

My current (plan as I go) strategy is setting up some archive folders on the servers and getting (most of) the photos and clipart off the desktops, as well as group folders for staff in similar jobs. I've implemented a Wiki to work reduce documentation mess, and LAMP apps are in the works. But I was wondering if any of you have insight and strategy to file/desktop/email management on such an organization.

FWIW: we are a Mac shop (Linux Servers)."

Submission + - Celebrate Commodore Computer 30th Anniversary

JoeCommodore writes: "This year's East Coast Vintage Computer Festival (June 9th and 10th at the InfoAge Learning Center in Wall Township, New Jersey) will mark the 30th anniversary of Commodore's entry into the computer market in 1977 with the PET computer. Part of the festivities includes a panel discussion with many luminaries of the company.

The story of how it happened and how it evolved is truly legendary in the industry. Above all, the 30th birthday of Commodore's computer division is worth celebrating! This panel discussion (on June 9th) features Chuck Peddle (creator of the 6502 Microprocessor and the PET computer), Bil Herd (designer of later Commodore 8-bit computers from the Plus/4 to the Commodore 128 & LCD), Bob Russell (software engineer — partly responsible for the VIC-20 and Commodore 64), and Dave Haynie (hardware engineer who worked on the Plus/4 series to the Amiga and end of the original Commodore in 1993). The discussion will include an audience Q&A session followed by autograph signings and maybe a few surprises.

Whether you love or hate Commodore they did have a big impact on the industry, the company may not always have been the best managed but they did produce some notably low cost and innovative computers. MOS Technologies (later bought by Commodore) created the low-cost 6502 Processor which helped make personal and hobby computing accessible to many of us either directly or indirectly."
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Games You Would Like to See Recreated

JoeCommodore writes: "In the over 40 years of videogames (arcade, home and compnuter) many really great games have come and also have unforunately gone with the platforms they were played on. Some of which never got the audience they deserved, partly because of the platform not being as popular as other or the original, the publisher could not advertisee it, was a 'cult-classic', or maybe it was just eclisped by some other game at the time.

What are the games you wish were once again made native for the modern arcade, game sytems or computer for you and your fellow Slashdotters to enjoy?"

Submission + - Resolutions for 2007

JoeCommodore writes: "It's that time of year where many of us review our last year and look at ourselves in the mirror, checkbook balance, and/or social schedule (EPs, stats, and skills, for those who relate to RPGs) and make resolutions to improve ourselves.

One of my resolutions is to stop my increasing diversionary tactics when working on my many projects at home. You know, instead of working on some problem problem I turn to the internet (Slashdot), games, snacks, etc. Either I need to get better at controlling my diversion habits or turn them them into something more healthier (any ideas?)

So what have YOU thought of doing for yourself in 2007?"

Submission + - Shopping for Building Access Security

JoeCommodore writes: "Ok at work we are planning a new facility, which will combine a lot of departments into one bigger building. We think it may be time to forgo analog key access and go with a card/whatever access security system for the doorlocks, etc. I could see the benefits (we don't have to collect keys and re-do locks on staff turnover, selective room access, access logs, etc.)

Beyond this we are pretty clueless on the ins and outs of such systems, so I am asking those of you who have had to shop, install, administer, or even just regularly use such systems, what are your thoughts/reccomendations/opinions? This is pre-building so we can do just about anything within reason."

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