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Submission + - Radiohead Changes Tack, Joins iTunes (wired.com)

Joe Jay Bee writes: "The British rock band Radiohead, who previously stated that they wouldn't want to have their music on Apple's iTunes Music Store (and, indeed, were unhappy when their Kid A album was released via the store) have performed something of an about-face; virtually their entire catalog, including singles and their B-Sides, has appeared on the store. The band previously said they only wanted their work sold as complete albums, which Apple refused to go along with; however their tack has apparently changed, and all their songs are available to mix and match, including their most recent work, In Rainbows. The albums are all available in DRM-free AAC format."
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Submission + - Building An Online Community From Nothing? (joe-baldwin.net)

Joe Jay Bee writes: "I'm currently trying to get a politics and current affairs discussion site (ad free link) off the ground, and finding it fairly hard; most places that would usually have users into such things don't allow links in signatures or recommendations, or indeed anything. So my question is this: given that I don't currently have a userbase, or any way to get one, how should I go about getting people interested in what I have to offer? If you've been in this sort of situation before, how did you manage to get off the ground? Have you got any tips? (beyond "Stick up some Google ads and make a mint", obviously.)"

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