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PlayStation (Games)

Mechanical AI Made In LittleBigPlanet 65

Laurens writes "Despite slow sales of LittleBigPlanet in the USA, you might have heard of the calculator made within the game, but now that has been topped. I found a fully-functioning AI machine which plays Tic-Tac-Toe against the player. Considering that you can't actually program in LBP, this feat is impressive; it is a machine which has mechanical AND and OR ports made of pistons and proximity detectors, a physically moving Program Counter, and hundreds of wires. The level is called 'Tic Tac Toe' and is by author Cristel." Another player created a similarly amazing level that is a recreation of John Conway's Game of Life.

Feed Science Daily: Asian Cockroaches Could Aid Texas Growers (

Most people see cockroaches as a terrible pest--with no redeeming qualities or benefit whatsoever. But to cotton farmers in south Texas, an exotic cockroach from Asia could be a highly beneficial insect for biological control. For several years, entomologists has been studying predators that feed on the eggs of lepidopteran pests of annual crops.


Submission + - Poll: Consumers Ready for Ad-Supported Cellphones

An anonymous reader writes: Most cellphone users would be willing to put up with a barrage of mobile ads in return for cost-free cellphone service, according to an in-site poll by Internet Evolution. Asking its audience whether or not they'd willingly sign up for ad-supported, free cellphone service (proposed as the model for the "Gphone" and currently in use by Pudding Media), Internet Evolution finds: "52 percent of our readers said 'Yes,' they would sign up for ad-supported cellphone service; 45 percent said 'No,' they would not; 3 percent have already begun using an ad-supported cellphone service." In a blog summarizing the results, some quoted readers admit they'd "take the bait" in return for cost-free cellphone services, while others remain skeptical about add-on fees (texting, email, etc.) and what would happen in the event of a lost/stolen phone. While the results are nearly split down the middle, the 52 percent majority should be of interest to Pudding Media, which raised $8 million in its first round of funding Friday.
The Internet

Submission + - Building An Online Community From Nothing? (

Joe Jay Bee writes: "I'm currently trying to get a politics and current affairs discussion site (ad free link) off the ground, and finding it fairly hard; most places that would usually have users into such things don't allow links in signatures or recommendations, or indeed anything. So my question is this: given that I don't currently have a userbase, or any way to get one, how should I go about getting people interested in what I have to offer? If you've been in this sort of situation before, how did you manage to get off the ground? Have you got any tips? (beyond "Stick up some Google ads and make a mint", obviously.)"

Submission + - Crocs patent challenged in EU (

stevegee58 writes: OK, OK, it's footwear. But what could be more technologically-oriented in the footwear sector than Crocs? Crocs' main competitor, Holey Soles filed a complaint against Crocs in the EU, claiming that it's basically unfair to bar them from making products with similar design. This is part of a continuing battle between the two companies. Crocs' stock price (symbol: CROX) was down almost 16% at its low in trading today.

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