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Comment Re:Hand coding vs. Design tools (Score 0) 342

Personally I split the difference; there are some web oriented IDEs that give you features like autocomplete, debugging options, and integrate with your software repository. At the moment I'm using Jetbrain's Webstorm, but there are plenty of options out there that aren't WYSIWYG editors.

This. Again, since that was me and I didn't realize I wasn't logged in.

Comment How come they got theirs back? (Score 5, Interesting) 145

Considering this same group harassed members of a pro-porn Facebook group, and then got their group deleted (despite it not violating the ToS) and then gloated about it, my only problem with this story is that the group got restored, honestly.

Comment Slashdot =/= NPR (Score 1) 193

"We ran a story about this in December, and I haven't seen a flood of hacked readers anywhere so I doubt that tablet makers have anything to worry about." Slashdot readers are much more likely to either already have a tablet, already dismissed the need for one, or already hacked the one they have. I'm not saying that NPR is going to cause B&N to run out of stock, but they did just expose the idea to a new segment of people, who might just be interested enough to try. It also represents the idea of rooting a device starting to drift out of nerd circles, which is interesting and probably a good thing.

Comment Re:Gee, never heard this before (Score 2) 386

RTFA: "Joule began to generate buzz toward the end of 2010. When U.S. Senator John Kerry toured the company’s labs in October, he called the technology “a potential game-changer.” He noted, ironically, that the company’s science is so advanced that it can’t qualify for federal grants or subsidies: The government’s definition of biofuels requires the use of raw-material feedstock." I'm not saying that they're totally on the level, and that this will all work as advertised. But they're not tapping into the ethanol subsidies currently, apparently.

Ubisoft DRM Causing More Problems 279

Joe Helfrich writes "Ubisoft's Settlers 7 servers have been causing problems for over a week for users worldwide, and Australian gamers are hardly able to connect at all. 'The problem reportedly strikes after the game has already confirmed an active Internet connection, and prevents the user from playing even the single-player campaign, returning the error "server not available." But they are available, because other people are logged into them and merrily playing away.' Wonder how they're going to describe this one as an attack."

Submission + - Ubisoft DRM fails again (

Joe Helfrich writes: Ubisoft's Settlers 7 servers have been having problems for over a week, with users worldwide having problems, and Australian gamers not able to connect at all for the most part. Wonder how they're going to describe this one as an attack.

Submission + - What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes

theodp writes: If you've ever wondered how it's possible that you pay more to the IRS than General Electric, Forbes has an explanation. You, my friend, do not have the tax benefit of overseas operations. Microsoft, for example, has its overseas subsidiaries license software to its U.S. parent company in return for handsome royalties that get taxed at lower overseas rates. Exxon limits its tax pain with the help of 20 wholly owned subsidiaries domiciled in the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands that shelter cash flow from operations in the likes of Angola, Azerbaijan and Abu Dhabi. As a result, of the $15B it paid in income taxes last year, Exxon paid none of it to Uncle Sam, and has tens of billions in earnings permanently reinvested overseas. Likewise, GE has $84B in overseas income parked indefinitely outside the U.S. Now quit your carping and get back to filling out that 1040!

Comment Re:Premier/Diebold decertified or not? (Score 1) 169

The Premier/Diebold machines were "conditionally certified," and the Secretary of State's office is going to provide a list of things they have to do to be recertified. That list is supposed to be available on the department's website, but it wasn't there when I last checked this afternoon.

See, which is a copy of the letter to Premier from the SoS.M

Those machines were the only ones to receive this rating--everything else mentioned in the report, including Boulder's optical scan machines that they've been using for years, were decertified with no path to reinstatement outside of the courts.

This isn't about securing elections. This is about getting the whole state, particularly the metro counties where electronic counting was used, on Diebold machines.

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