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Comment Re:Belgium (Score 1) 241

They seem like a very reasonable party to me.

They want to abolish wealth redistribution and escape the shackles of the french-speaking socialists aka walloons.

They want to have a referendum on the European constitution - very unusual for any european party, for the most part the anti-democratic eurosocialists prefer to avoid all that democracy stuff and just impose more and more of the european behemoth on their subjects without asking them for their opinion on the matter, so good for you VB!

And the VB are the largest party in Flanders, whcih means they are nto by any means an extremist party at the edge of society, but a alrge party representing the interests of the people, a people who are ignored and abused by the central Belgian state, a people who are ignored by Brussels and who the walloons, on their socialist drip feed of money from the Flemings, prefer to villify.

I think the VB are an example of a resurgance of representative democracy and a new agitation for freedom in the face of opposition by the old, corrupt european establishment. Only a few countries are goign to escape the evil of Europe - those countries with the longest traditions of freedom and democracy, such as Britain. Can Flanders join them?

I say they can, thanks to the VB.

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Journal Journal: This is why I don't post here anymore 6

How could I possibly out-do the events of this week? I became redundant a long time ago. Rob Malda gets anonymously bitchslapped by a World of Warcraft Administrator. He spends hours* writing a rant about how he totally understands, isn't angry, and then renames his character "Violated". Right.

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Journal Journal: "Subject: Slashdot User Password for sllort" 7

Two password reset attempts on my account within hours of each other, different user agent, different offshore proxies. Yay for you guys!!! I'd thought all the love was gone.


ps hi fv

Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 09:49:32 +0000

Comment "Punished for Bad Behavior"? (Score 1) 12

Hey pudge I looked in the FAQ for some documentation on what bad behavior is and how Slashdot would punish me, and I couldn't find any. Do you guys have any plans for telling your users what they're doing that the administration thinks is wrong, and what the list of punishments are?

It appears that sulli was banned from commenting for posting this comment. Personally I would have never known that this was bad behavior, or that Slashdot would feel the need to punish me for it. Who judges? What is bad? What are the punishments?

Your system, I feel, is a bit weird.
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Journal Journal: The Mailbag 4

It came to my attention recently that my ongoing trouncing of CmdrTaco had been interrupted by having myself retired from Of course I had to do my best to rectify the situation, and the good folks at were happy to oblige. Much to my dismay they had interpreted my lack of recent journal posting as a sign of my demise. While I admit I owe you all a status update on Slashcode (it's com

Journal Journal: Krow Dead at 2 7

I just heard some sad news on talk radio - Slash Team icon Brian Aker's job at OSDN was found dead in the noncompetitive OSDN payroll ledger this morning. I'm sure trolls and /bots alike will miss him - even if you've been freaked by everyone, there's no denying that krow was the Slashcode contributor that didn't suck. Truly a Slashdot icon.

Journal Journal: IRC Fun 18

Well, yesterday's IRC thing went off without me, though had I been there, my questions would have been dumped anyway, so no big deal. It's a pretty long log, so I took the liberty of snipping the good parts and adding some translations for those who don't speak Slash. Hope you enjoy, and I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.


Journal Journal: Slashdot Interview Tonight 3

There's an IRC interview with Taco & Hemos tonight. I won't be there, I have plans tonight. There are millions of things that could be asked: why are messages now batched so we can't tell when we've been mass moderated, why are the moderation totals hidden so we can't tell when a comment has been mass moderated, why are comment numbers randomized instead of starting at 1, what percentage of editor moderation is "Over

Journal Journal: The Easy Way to W3C Approval!! 7

The absolute best way to to get the W3C to validate your site is to ban their IP address. Because, if your HTML doesn't check out, who's the wiser?

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rob & co on not having a gigantically flawed W3C validator page for the first time in their illustrious five-year history. Way to go, guys!


Journal Journal: Fyodor Responds... Kinda 11

Well, Fyodor wrote a rather lengthy reponse today, collating a whole bunch of geocities pages in order to prove that any allegation made against him is false, and that he is not a terrorist.

Journal Journal: Modbombing and Interview Control 18

Update: This comment by an AC claims that a user moderator, not an editor, was one party to the moderation attack on this comment. While an AC comment doesn't prove much, it is at this point pretty unlikely that editors were involved. I'd like to remind everyone reading that the name of the posting account isn't sufficient information to grade


Journal Journal: New Fyodor Evidence Released 16 has obtained a cache of Fyodor's "Troll Hunting 101", briefly posted to in 2002 by Fyodor shortly after hacking the computer of a Slashdot prankster. I have been advised that the images and content in this cache have been modified to protect the name and personal information of Fyodor's hacking victim (SumDeusExMachina) which Fyodor initially saw fit to publish. The modifications appear in bold and are clearly marked as REDACTED.

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