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Journal sllort's Journal: Slashdot Interview Tonight 3

There's an IRC interview with Taco & Hemos tonight. I won't be there, I have plans tonight. There are millions of things that could be asked: why are messages now batched so we can't tell when we've been mass moderated, why are the moderation totals hidden so we can't tell when a comment has been mass moderated, why are comment numbers randomized instead of starting at 1, what percentage of editor moderation is "Over/Underrated" (we've been handed the editor's aggregate M2 stats forever, why not document the loophole?)

The way they run these interviews is usually that you submit to a question bot, but can't talk, and they pick questions off the bot. In short, none of the above has any chance of getting asked. Neither do the following three questions, though they are probably the three questions to which the answer is the most interesting:

  1. Why doesn't a Moderation Results message include the name of the Moderator?
  2. Why aren't we told when an editor moderates our posts?
  3. Why is the W3C HTML Validator at www.w3c.org IP banned from Slashdot?

Have fun folks, and remember, Never disturb a man.

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Slashdot Interview Tonight

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  • While the other two are questions which need to be answered, the last one...must..be..asked..


  • You and I know the answers... it is just that the truth hurts.

    1. Why doesn't a Moderation Results message include the name of the Moderator?

    There are several possible answers. If you've ever been the victim of 360 reviews, you already know one of the answers: the "theory" that people will give honest feedback if they know their victim will never know who they are. This is a BS answer, because it doesn't allow improvement, because there is no way to tie the action to an event--it is essentially a node w

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