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Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 370

Yep. I was shocked, SHOCKED the first time I made my macbook do some work. The whistling, whooshing noise is unbelievable. Vacuum cleaner doesn't begin to describe it.

Good decision by Apple to not have any holes in the case (that would spoil the design!) and to force all the air through a tiny little hole under the screen. Not.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

a person on the street should not be more than a 15 minute walk (I'll negotiate up to 30) from a public pay phone. You may scoff, but the next time your phone is out of battery, stolen, lost, or you are simply new to an area and haven't worked out a phone yet (or chose not to) then I think you'll be thanking me for this suggestion.

What number would you call?

Does anybody even remember a phone number these days?

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