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Journal JobCenter's Journal: Positions Wanted, March 3, 2004 - Repost 7

Let's try this again. The aim of this account is to help people find jobs. Critical discussion of individuals named in these entries is not appropriate. My apologies to those whose constructive comments were lost; the text has been mailed to you (except Heliocentric, whose e-mail address is not accessible; I will re-post that one).

There are two new entries in the Positions Wanted section.

Due to the increasing length, the listing has been split into Positions Wanted and Employees Wanted. This also allows me to hand off half of the work. Contact remains the same - the e-mail address attached to this account, or posting a comment to one of the journal entries.

The Projects Wanted section follows Positions Wanted, for people looking strictly for contract work.

An unidentified individual has recorded his experiences interviewing with the NSA. Very interesting reading; thanks to the person to provided the link in a JE (sorry, but I've forgotten precisely who posted the link). Warning: this is a fairly hefty PDF, and will take a while to download over a dialup connection. I think that it is worth the effort, however, and may be of use to anyone applying for a position where a security clearance is required.

Lodragandraoidh's JE about how to distinguish yourself as a computer professional is still recommended reading. Sometimes changing one's outlook, even a little, can make a big difference in a job search.

If you have submitted an entry, and the availability (either position or employee) has changed, please let me know. The process of reviewing the listings is an ongoing one.

Positions Wanted. The following individuals are seeking employment. Each listing contains a link to a comment that mentioned the individual's availability (which frequently contains additional detail about their experience), as well as a link to their user page. Please contact these people directly, by e-mail (if they provide a contact address) or by replying to the comment or the journal entry.
  • intermodal is also looking for work in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He does tech/administrator work for unix, linux, and all versions of windows. He also has Software QA experience. He would also be interested in any fire department that is willing to provide training; he already has experience in that area, being currently with a volunteer department.
  • buffer-overflowed has a variety of experience, including C++ development, Unix and network administration, and help desk, on-site, and desktop support. He is currently located in Charleston, WV, but may be open to relocation.
  • heliocentric is an experienced admin and IT support person in the Harrisburg area. He is particularly interested in working in the information security area, where he has had some past experience. He would also be interested in a position in the Reading area.
  • aridhol is a programmer with three years experience in C, C++, and Java, located in Victoria, BC. He is a Sun-certified Java programmer with a CS degree from Camosun College in Victoria.
  • Jellybob is looking for a sysadmin or Linux/web development position in southern England, but is open to any paid position. He has had five years of experience supporting Windows boxes, and three years supporting Linux on both servers and desktops. He also has four years of PHP/MySQL development for web applications and community-based websites, and has a working knowledge of Python. He is willing to learn anything else required.
  • Judg3 is a Windows jack of all trades, specializing in enterprise system and application management and deep level troubleshooting. His strength is taking an assignment and bringing it in on-time and under-budget. He's also at the power-user level with FreeBSD and Linux. There's more detail in the referenced comment, I'd strongly sugest giving it a read. He's looking in the Milwaukee area, land of beer and sausages (mmmmmm, Usinger's), and home of former car salesman Bud Selig.
  • Interrobang is looking for work as a technical writer. She has two years of direct experience, a Master's degree in Language and Professional Writing. Check out her additional qualifications here. She's currently in London, Ontario, but is willing to relocate (preferred destinations Toronto, the Kitchener/Waterloo area, or New York City).
  • ces is an experienced Unix system/network admin. His experience includes a variety of Unix-based OSes, as well as networking hardware. He also has some admin and troubleshooting experience with Windows. Check the linked comments for more detailed examinations of his credentials. He is looking for work in the Seattle area.
  • gmhowell is looking for an administrative or management position in either northeastern Ohio or the Washington DC area. He has experience in administration of a medical practice.
  • Apreche is looking for a co-op position. He is a fourth-year computer science major at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). Details of the co-op program are available at the RIT web site, as is his resume. He points out that co-ops tend to be both highly qualified and economical in terms of compensation.
  • Gunzour is an experienced Solaris sysadmin, with eight years of experience. He is looking in the Washington/Baltimore ares, but is willing to relocate for the right opportunity. His experience includes Veritas products, as well as some project management.
  • barzok is looking for a job as a Web developer in upstate New York. His experience includes DHTML, CSS, ASP, XML, XSL, VBScript, JavaScript, and Vignette StoryServer, and he is willing to learn any additional skills needed for a job.
  • Chacham is looking for a position as an Oracle DBA in the Detroit, Michigan area (he is open to telecommuting). His other skills include PHP/HTML, technical writing, and technical design. He has some exposure to C++ and Perl. Check out his journal entry for more details.
  • Iamthefallen is looking primarily for a position as a web app developer or junior system administrator in a Windows environment. He has experience with most common technologies and languages for Windows based systems, including VB, (X)HTML, XML, SQL and more.

Projects Wanted. Developers or others looking for non-permanent, contract work. Where there is any overlap (i.e., anyone who is looking for full-time permanent but willing to accept contract), the listing will appear in the Positions Wanted section.

  • m0smithslash is looking for supplemental work, particularly projects that he can do at home. He is experienced in Java and C++, as well as a variety of other areas. Check out his journal entry for more specifics - it's one of the best brief summaries of experience I've seen.
  • Ethelred Unraed is looking for projects in Web design and screen design. He has a very good level of experience with Web development, and speaks several languages (English and German fluently). Read his reply to the last Job Board, and check out his web site (referenced there) for more information.

The boilerplate:

Thanks to everyone for supporting this effort. If you have an issue with your listing, let me know ASAP (e-mail or IM might be best). If you have a position, are seeking a job, or have comments about the format, please post a reply to this JE. Suggestions are always welcome, by e-mail or by comment. I aim to have every opening or job need mentioned in a JE within 24 hours of my becoming aware of it. Subsequent JEs will repeat entries from prior job boards that are still open. If you have an item listed, please let me know ASAP when it is no longer current. I would love to be able to post a success story or two here!

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Positions Wanted, March 3, 2004 - Repost

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  • Tuesday morning I interviewed with Norfolk Southern RR for a conductor (forced promotion in about a year to engineer) position. Pay would in about 5 years would be about double that of one of the best paying former jobs of mine (it starts at 80% of that pay and goes up yearly) but alas I'm "over-qualified."

    Apparently they read grad school on my application and think I'm just going to up and leave the job (they invest nearly 80k in training new hires, not that I'd really need that much, but I'd still hav
  • My public apologies for my post. I should have kept it to myself or at least in my own journal. Sorry John.
  • If there is anyone out there that is interested in teaching in America, or any Americans interested in teaching abroad: [] facilitates international hiring for teachers.
  • similiar to the Site Supervisor position my company was advertising earlier, we now are looking for 2 junior level unix operations folks for positions for the NYC metro area, and northern virginia (Around Sterling, I believe).

    Positions would require some experience in unix admin work, with priority going to those who have knowledge of tape backup systems. The job would start out handling the daily tape vaulting, with an expected rise in responsibilities as needs and experience grows. The NYC metro positi

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