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Comment Re:Old bible scolars (Score 1) 190

I sure hope you're not a medical technician 'cause I know I wouldn't want mine to get so high.

What's funny is how many people will think you're being serious and you're a crazy bible thumper... except it's clear you haven't read the bible.

What would be really sad is if you were a bible thumper and didn't know anything about your 'holy' book.

Comment Re:Seems to me (Score 1) 190

Hey! Don't forget about the positives of our sanitary toilets!

LIke all the money that goes to the medical industry because of all the problems caused by incorrect elimination posture!! And those knees don't magically lose their flexibility on their own! Physiotherapists need love too! Why even the pot and chiropractic industries get to cash in on the resulting back problems after the knees go!

Comment Re:Small Question (Score 2) 59

Billy stop being silly and please don't spread disinformation.

Plants never grow 'up', they grow towards the light. The only thing people THOUGHT would be a problem is root formation, but it turns out that doesn't depend on gravity either.

The easy solution, as opposed to your high embodied energy tech, is to surround your growing space with water, you need to store it anyways. Takes care of the radiation and allows light through.

Comment Not short term enough (Score 1, Insightful) 59

Sure making some seed bombs and throwing them at planets might work, but it will take a long time.

Realistically, Mars or the moon is where we'd be going first. An aquaponics setup would make the most logical sense for a starter colony to provide fish, oxygen and fuel(algae), radiation protection, recycling of urine, etc... With composting of human fecal matter through concentrated solar to produce biochar and hot water. Then usage of dust, pebbles, rocks, from digging out habitats, some for concrete, some for drainage, some for soil(biochar and compost) amendment.

All of which is doable right now and since life tends to always find a way, you'll get your specialized bacteria soon enough.

Comment Trees? Still? (Score 1) 82

When are we going to switch to hemp? After all, if you really want to be green, something that grows faster, producers longer stronger fibers, easier to harvest, less polluting to process, etc, etc... and we already use it in construction, awesome paper, and clothing.

The US has certainly done a disservice to the world with it's Reefer madness.

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