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Comment Parts (Score 2) 274

In terms of "melted down for parts" they probably aren't worth much, but how about the actual capacitors etc when removed and re-used. Old CRT's had some badass (and deadly) capacitors. I've been tempted to see about harvesting them for other purposes, except the badass part means that even years after the last use they can zap you but good.

Comment Re:NOT a ban (Score 1) 626

So how about you go on a trip and then - without notice - suddenly find you can't come home to your job, friends, and possibly family for 3 months. Does it really matter if it's a BAN or a PAUSE to you in that case. Suddenly you're 1000 miles away from home and all you've got on you is your suitcase which was packed for a weekend. Sound like a good deal to you?

Comment Re:Does anyone understand Musk's position? (Score 1) 626

Honestly? You're not going to change much by pointing out what an a**hole your government is. While it might not be the moral high-ground, it just might be more productive to attempt to effect influence from a position close to or within government, as opposed to complaining pointlessly from without.

Of course this is a coordinated effort - so it may have more effect than any lone wolf might - but thus far the administration does't seem overly receptive to anything they deem as "opposition."

Comment Bad suggestion (Score 1) 626

I know you're suggesting right in the boss's home, but be careful what you ask for.

Given that here in Canada there were many cases of people coming in on TFSW (Temp Foreign Service Workers) that *were* being housed in accommodation provided by the employer/manager, it makes things even worse. Bosses were playing fast-and-loose with rent VS pay. Screwing employees on rent. Cramming unreasonable/illegal numbers of people into a dwelling, and basically playing both employer and slumlord at the same time.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 626

or you could be rich by now from the proceeds of your discrimination lawsuit

Right. Because it's a slam-dunk case when somebody says something discriminatory in front of no witnesses but the complainant and without any paper-trail or recording...

Bringing a suit is easy. Proving it not so much, especially if you have limited financial resources.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 626

It doesn't have to be a large part of their workforce, just key important positions.

I'm Canadian and thus not affected by this directly, but I have worked in places where co-workers in important places came in as refugees from the affected countries, notably one co-worker who is damn good at his job and whom without him I'm sure there would be issues. He's not even Muslim himself (awesome guy, one of his favourite things about Canada is bacon). It would have sucked if he was suddenly barred from re-entering the country after being away from holidays.
How would YOUR organisation be affected if even 2-5 people in key positions happened to be blocked from entering the country for a month or three? Probably more than you think.

Add to that people who would be unexpectedly separated from family etc and it's really a huge clusterf***. The last thing you want to find out after being out-of-country on a business trip is "hey, you can't come back because the sh*thole you escaped from is now on a blacklist, even though you hate everything they stand for and that's why you left."

Comment Re:FoSS drivers versus proprietary (Score 1) 120

people who migrate to Linux end up buying AMD as it's a much better experience

Not 100% sure about this. People who know about drivers might do so, but not that many years ago NVidia was the better choice in many cases because both vendors only offered proprietary drivers for a lot of cards and AMD's were somewhat dodgy compared to NV's.

Comment Cerebrospinal fluid cleanse (Score 1) 145

I also seem to recall reading that when you sleep (properly), your brain also gets flooded with cerebrospinal fluid, which cleans a type of "plaque" from between pathways in the brain. This plaque has been seen as possibly contributing to various mental/cognitive degenerative conditions

I can't find the exact thing I read previously, but here appears to be an article on it.

Comment Entrapment = coerced into committing a crime (Score 1) 150

It's not entrapment, because they're not inducing people to do something they wouldn't already do. Just like if they have a fake prostitute or drug-dealer who is actually a cop. If you walk up and ask for services, you're busted. If they don't approach you and start offering rather enthusiastically, it's not entrapment.

Now if they start sending people with banner ads "hey come to nasty site X", running sketchy redirects from legit adult sites, etc, then THAT is entrapment. People who went to the site willingly without anything other than it being available were not entrapped.

The moral implications of hosting a site with such filth is an issue, but again doesn't meet the standard for entrapment.

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