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Comment User Participation (Score 1) 193

It is obvious that the path forward involves more and more user participation. Instead of a scheduled programming, Netflix users were given the ability to choose what show to watch and for how many episodes they want.

The logic step is this move is to let users affect the direction of the show, engaging them in the story-telling. It's been trialled in one country but the UX was poor. Netflix can and should expand on that idea.

You could compare that with the Choose Your Own Adventure type of gamebook but instead of being each person choosing their story (too demanding for now), it is the viewer base.

Comment One unresolved issue (Score 1) 135

I've been using Vivaldi for about 6 months now. This post is made via Vivaldi. One issue I've had and could not find a solution is that of unlocking my saved passwords. In Firefox, you can press a button to see your saved password, and the browser kindly asks "are you sure?". In Vivaldi you don't even have that option. I had to use the built-in inspector to alert() me my password at form submission time since it was remembered and prefilled by the browser.

Other than that, I enjoy it. It's slightly nimbler than Firefox and not as intrusive as Chrome.

Comment Zazeen is an exception (Score 1) 194

They are offering $10/month + free STB for the first year provided you commit to one year. It comes with 35+ channels, received my STB one or two days later. Works flawlessly. There is also an app to watch on your tablet but support is limited. Nexus (Google) is out, Yoga 3 (Lenovo) is out, Galaxy (Samsung) is ok, Ipad (Apple) is okay.

Comment Primer on European Union stewardship (Score 1) 220

For those still needed to understand how the EU is ruled, here is a quick primer. Feel free to add more if you think it's relevant:
1) there are 3 groups in charge of the EU: the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament.
2) members of the European Parliament are elected by European citizens via your usual voting booth.
3) members of the European Commission are not elected but appointed by their respective country of origin's government.
4) members of the European Council are in fact the heads of European government plus the president of the European Commission

You can see from that arrangement that exactly one group is elected and consequently renders an account to the electors. In this case, it's a member of the European Parliament that raises the flag on a proposal from a member of the European Commission.

Comment Re:Two sides of the coin? (Score 1) 318

If an American citizen isn't protected by the U.S. Constitution when travelling overseas then they can't be bound by it either. [...] This would therefore mean that Julian Assange would not be able to be extradited as he isn't beholding to U.S. laws while overseas.

You also know that Julian Assange has never been a U.S citizen, right?

Comment Fiat currency (Score 0) 75

Not a bitcoin hater/lover, but I remember lots of loud voices here on Slashdot against fiat currencies.

Isn't bitcoin the most extreme of fiat currencies? A number with no physical value at all, not even worth the paper it's written on since it's not written at all.

At least, it's not centralized and barely regulated. For now. But let me know if I missed something.

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