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Submission + - One-Click-Submission to German terror watchlist ( 5

An anonymous reader writes: As the German daily Der Tagesspiegel reported today, the German federal criminal agency has a new strategy to catch terrorists: they put up an informational web page about the terrorist group "militante Gruppe" ("militant group") and now look at their web logs. If someone clicks on that link, his IP address will be investigated and he will be put on the terror watchlist. It would be utter madness of us to ask you to click on THIS LINK to put a billion people on their list so we are not even going to mention the URL. In case you find it, do not click on it! Thank you.
The Internet

Submission + - How can a rape crisis center best use Web 2.0?

andrewman327 writes: "I am performing an unpaid program evaluation for a regional rape crisis center. As a geek I am disappointed by how poorly many established programs in this field have utilized the Internet to assist their clients. They provide great information but they generally do not allow any interactivity between victims and counselors. How can sites like this and this update their websites in order to reach a victim population that is generally web-connected?"
The Media

Submission + - Demonoid Returns, well mostly

camperslo writes: The news on Demonoid sums it up: "We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and we need to start blocking Canadian traffic because of this.

Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience." (typo is theirs)

As posted here, the Demonoid trackers were up yesterday, the website went live again today.

It's good to see the Green Demon alive and kicking (of course its pretty well swamped at the moment)

Submission + - Demonoid Back Online

ericepp writes: "Demonoid IS Back! Popular torrent tracker, search engine and forum is back online after being down for roughly a week. There were many rumors as to the cause on several public blogs with much speculation as to whether the site was down for good(or bad if you are a member). The volume of hits to private forums and IRC channels were overwhelming at times. It seems, according to, which is hosted in Canada, has had to block site traffic from that country due to being contacted by a CRIA attorney. This is possibly a temporary issue for our maple leaf sporting friends, as the site sorts out the legal details. Demonoid has many members, and is cheered for the layout of it's site, and policing of it's submissions mostly by it's own members who faithfully post comments in the torrent files' details pages. With the latest news by Isohunt to block USA traffic from its popular trackers, and the recent temporary disappearance of Demonoid, it has caused an uncomfortable situation for the P2P community. For many who have balked at the RIAA and MPAA with indifference to their threats, and legal action toward torrent sites, and the now antiquated Napster style file sharing sites, it seems there is cause to take notice. It may result in a surge in IRC traffic to resurrect DCC, or the upcoming DCCII protocol. One might wonder what the future might hold. Will we have to move backward in technology in order to move forward in practice? We shall see."

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