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Submission + - The U.S. Going Over Fiscal Cliff, Tax Deal Might Cushion Landing ( 1

Jetra writes: The House of Representatives has no plans to take any votes before midnight tonight, meaning the U.S. is technically going over the “fiscal cliff”, with more than $500 billion in tax hikes and $110 billion in automatic spending cuts kicking in for 2013. But the landing still might be cushioned by a deal between Senate Republicans and the White House that would protect couples earning up to $450,000 from most of the income tax increases that would otherwise take effect in 2013 as a raft of tax cuts, including the steep income tax reductions first passed under President George W. Bush, expire.

Submission + - Elementary, my dear Watson (

Jetra writes: “Do you believe in love in first sight?”

Those are the first words that a shirtless, tattooed, hairy-chested Sherlock Holmes (played by Jonny Lee Miller) speaks to Watson in the new CBS procedural “Elementary.”

Lucy Liu, from the show and movie Charlie's Angels replaces the slow-witted Dr. Watson from Sir Conan Doyle's stories. To most people, this may come as a slap in his face, but I think it brings the Sherlock Holmes of the "Gaslight Era" to the more modern world where civil rights put women in the jobs of men.

The main plot of the story is that Sherlock Holmes is a recent drug addict out of rehab. On finding this out. Dr. Watson goes to confront him about being his companion, making sure he doesn't relapse.

The way I would put the new Sherlock Holmes is a marriage of Sheldon (Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory)) and Dr. House (Hugh Laurie (House)); Egotistical, smart, and very willing to put others down for the sake of being right.

What bothers me is that it seems that the show leans heavily on Lucy Liu's appearances for eye candy. The eccentricy of Holmes is only there just to prove that he's eccentric. His constant butts with the law make me think that this is more of a 1930's cop film rather than about a detective and solving various cases.

This show is by no means bad, but the first episode really grinds the teeth in what Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be: suave, clear-minded, and willing to prove he's right yet give all credit to the police because he enjoys the use fo his art rather than the dissection of it.

Hopefully, we'll get to see more. I think that, even though its got some rough narrative, this could turn out to be a great show that might get swept under the radar like The Event.

Submission + - IAEA, Iran begins new nuke talks (

Jetra writes: "With the US checking Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems that Iran wants to join the Atomic Age, testing multipoint explosives to detonate a charge. As always, Iran denies such claims. This could either go one of three ways, Nuclear Annihilation, Atomic Power, or a Cold War between Iran and the Middleeast. Isreal warns that it will destroy all silos unless tensions are eased by other countries such as US, UK, Japan, and Russia."

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