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Comment Going out with a bang (Score 1) 463

Just like when the Japanese isolated themselves from foreign powers so too does Microsoft follow. However, unlike the physical guns back then, they will be dealing with metaphorical ones and they are asking for suicide. They're not going to fall or collapse. No, they are going to blow up and take as many people with them as possible. The industry's death looms ever near, Microsoft is just going to make it spectacular.

Comment Re:Its a Shame (Score 1) 139

What is even the point of this? Has Hollywood finally just lost their last brain cell?

Hollywood: This Pirate Bay Documentary is ruining our business!
Executives: We'll censor it!
Hollywood: Hell Yeah
Movie-Goer:'s already been seen by milions
Hollywood: Sorry, can't hear you over the sounds of the billions that we'll rake in once we take down those scoundrels!

Comment Re:A shocking future (Score 1) 202

I'm not too particularly keen on the idea that you have to have an implant in your cerebellum. Seems like so much can go wrong. That is not to say that's a not a great idea, but it'd sure beat the hell out of trying to learn geometry (my brain refuses to learn it).

Comment A shocking future (Score 1) 202

Manufacturing, tattoo removal, and eye surgery by lasers so far and now this? I have trouble with Geometry and Trigonometry, but I'd rather have someone teach me instead of paying several grand to have a concentrated beam of energy shot into my brain.

Comment In the End, the US will have it's way (Score 0) 91

Surprised by the under-handed tactic? I'm not. I've known that another bill would come along, but from which direction I couldn't have guess, Canada least of all. Here in America, we can't do shit because it's not on our soil. Because major corporations are overseas, I believe that they finally found the weak point of the world. Should it pass, the dominos shall fall and we will have to submit to a Dictatorship rule.

I pray to whatever Gods or Goddesses will listen to me ask them to Not Pass this Bill!

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