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Comment Re: Back to divination (Score 1) 281

Now you could try to make a bridge out of the alleged witch to establish guilt, but bridges can be made of other things.

Those "other things" are steel girders, reinforced concrete, and masonry. Unlike wood, these don't float. Or burn. If you can make a bridge of her, burn her somewhere discreet. If it catches, you've got her. Otherwise, aloe and a bandage.

Comment Re: 75% Margins (Score 1) 311

Hate to break it to you but you are talking about the CHEAP end of R&D costs: preclinical. The vast majority of spending is in phase II and III clinical trials.

In all seriousness, why are clinical trials so expensive? Volunteers, a doctor with a sack of pills, a lab technician and a statistician are all you need, no?

Comment Re: Frankenbugs (Score 1) 112

Now this is different, but what if birds don't like to feed on the GMO mosquitoes, or fish don't like their larvae?

This would matter if the goal was to eradicate the mosquitoes. However, according to tfa, the goal is only to knock mosquito populations down in malaria-prone areas long enough to eliminate malaria. The wee beasties that cause malaria must alternate between a human host and a female mosquito as part of their life cycle. It would be cheaper and easier to just exile malaria-infected people to Siberia or some other mosquito-free place.

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